Doom Lord Chapter 113

Doom Lord

Chapter 113- Yuan Jianze’s Worries

By the time Cheng Yang’s group of three people returned to Dongshan Village, it was already four in the afternoon.  

After waiting for Yu Kai to instruct Liu Chengen on some matters, they then set off to Luo Feng Village. This time, Yu Kai brought all the personnel of Fox Hunt Army with him. After all, Dongshan Village’s profession statues has been upgraded to level 3, and with the number of transfer quota reaching 800, so long as the quotas were properly assigned, it was sufficient to support the development of a territory.

Before leaving, Yu Kai had upgraded Dongshan Village to Level 3. All the village’s secondary buildings has already been built long ago. As for wood and stone, these could be obtained by themselves. What was a little regrettable was that their development speed would certainly be much slower than Luo Feng Village from now on. This wasn’t anything he could do about this. Compared with other field stations, the advantages of Luo Feng Village were too many.

When passing through Xiangcheng City’s main city, Cheng Yang still deliberately chose to move past from the edge of Xiangcheng City’s ruins. Right now, Cheng Yang wasn’t afraid of Yuan Jianze’s forces, but Dongshan Village was still in quite a vulnerable state at the moment. Therefore, Cheng Yang didn’t want to let people know that exiting this channel could lead to Dongshan Village.

Along the way, Cheng Yang rescued many refugees. Now, there weren’t many refugees left in Xiangcheng city, as the vast majority had already been rescued. The people left remaining were either very resilient or very lucky.

Cheng Yang estimated that by now, there should be at least 300,000 people taking refuge in Xiangcheng city’s main city. Moreover, this figure would still be rising higher.

Xiangcheng city originally had a population of 1 million people. Although not many were killed in the earthquake, but over the long course of these 10 days had truly ruined a lot of people. Over 50% of the population died inside the mouth of an enchanted beast, and could be said to had die without a burial site.

Besides the people that were rescued by the forces of Xiangcheng city’s main city and the tens of thousands of people rescued back to Luo Feng Village, there should still be seventy thousand to eighty thousand of refugees remaining in the ruins of the city. These people relied on small sources of food buried in the ruins and avoiding enchanted beasts to maintain their feeble existence. In the event that they were not rescued, then when the food in the ruins were depleted, that would be the time when their lives would come to an end.  

At this moment in the main city of Xiangcheng City, Yuan Jianze was sitting in a loft room with his brows knitted.

This room was rented with Yuan Jianze’s power value. Although the cost for usage of the room wasn’t low, the effect was very good. Now his cultivation progress has gone far beyond the others, reaching 93% of the first early-order warrior’s apprentice. After finishing tonight’s cultivation, he would successfully break into the rank of first medium-order warrior’s apprentice.

Even so, Yuan Jianze didn’t feel happy. The reason for so was because two days ago when he mobilized the entire encampment in search of a a possible transfer portal, all that came out of it was nothing.

At first, he thought that the main city of Xiangcheng City might not possessed such a transfer portal, but when he saw messages started popping up in the pub about other main cities discovering a transfer portal, he rejected such thoughts.

But where the hell could this transfer portal be? Yuan Jianze didn’t had the slightest clue.

If this was the only piece of news, Yuan Jianze would not had been as gloomy. From informations collected these several days, he was almost sure of one thing. Whether it was in Xiancheng City or the surroundings, there was another influence roaming around the city. The strength of this influence was still unknown, but their speed was astonishing.

The reason why Yuan Jianze was so sure such a force exist was not only because the troops under his command discovered an unknown force yesterday. There has also been a rumor circulating out from among the rescued refugees about a human rescue team that appeared a few days after the arrival of the apocalypse, going around from places to places in Xiangcheng City and saving people. These people were very strong, some even say they have the power to spike enchanted beasts.

Although Yuan Jianze didn’t acknowledge the event happened, but he also didn’t dare declared it as untrue. Because the last time Cheng Yang departed from the main city, those that followed him had seen such scenes occurred.

At the moment, Yuan Jianze wasn’t certain whether or not this group of people was related to the people who had left the main city at that time, but it was undeniable that this incident made him feel a lot of pressure.

What worried Yuan Jianze the most though was that he couldn’t determine if these people were human beings from Earth.

At this moment, a series of knock was heard from the door. After getting Yuan Jianze’s consent, a scholar-liked middle-aged man came in.

“Old Wu, what’s the matter?” Yuan Jianze gently rubbed his forehead and asked.

Old Wu didn’t answer immediately him, but instead he said, “Commander, are you still having a headache over that mysterious team?”

Yuan Jianze said, “Yes, I really don’t know where those guys came from. According to the information we current obtain from the pub, only the main city should have the right to transfer people. Moreover, the vast majority of the main city are from cities at or above the city-level. The nearest county-level city from us is more than 30 kilometers away, and even if this neighboring county has a main city, it is impossible for them to send professions over here so quickly.”

Old Wu said, “Commander, what if these people are from Xiangcheng City, but went through the profession change before we came in the main city?”

Yuan Jianze was slightly startled from old Wu’s word, only after a long time has passed before he respond back, “The possibility of this isn’t big. You had seen what’s the situation was like outside the main city’s light screen at that time, we had suffered a huge price with our force, so how can it be possible for other people to so easily enter the main city. Moreover, with such a defensive light screen, if they had really entered the main city, they would have stay in the main city to kill enchanted beasts without losses, why would they want to leave here?”

Old Wu muttered under his breath, “This is also true.”

“Okay, let’s not talk about this. Old Wu, is there a reason why you came looking for me?” Yuan Jianze said.

Only now did Old Wu remembered he had came to find Yuan Jianze for another important matter, immediately he relayed the content, “Commander, here’s the report. A few days ago, our territory didn’t have many people, so the daily consumption of water wasn’t much. In addition, by relying on the pile of pure water( water bottle/container) cleaned up from the ruins, it was enough to satisfy our demands. But these days, due to the increase in the scope of the search and rescue effort, the number of people in the main city has dramatically increased, so now the amount of fresh water consumed each day is staggering. With the amount of pure water we have stored, we can only support for another two to three days.”

Yuan Jianze felt the heavy weight to this matter. If a person does not eat for one day, perhaps he could endure. However, if a person does not drink water for a day, it would definitely feel uncomfortable. Now hearing from Old Wu says that the main city was short of water, he also knew the seriousness of the problem.

“I seems to remember there’s a river in Xiangcheng city, did that river ran out water?” Yuan Jianze suddenly recalled this matter, and immediately asked.

Old Wu said, “Commander, the river is there, but according to the people who came from the suburbs of the city, the entire city is now surrounded by deep ravine. Only though a few channels can we pass through, and those channels also lead to the outside. However, since outside was covered in forests at the moment, no one dared to explore further. As for the river, it is even more weird, the water source suddenly came out from the ground on the west side, flow toward the southwest and then directly invade into the ground before disappearing into the soil. Such a strange river, no one dare to try drinking it.”

Yuan Jianze’s knitted his brows for a while, he then said,  “If we run out of water, that river will be the only source of water left. Therefore, we need someone to test it as soon as possible to see if the water is drinkable.”

Old Wu wryly smile, “But who is willing to be this little white mouse?”

Yuan Jianze’s eyes shone with cold light, he said, “Old Wu, you can’t think up of a method? Are we still lacking manpower in the main city?”

“This …” Old Wu looked at Yuan Jianze’s eyes, and instantly understood his meanings. He immediately said, “Commander, I understand. I will immediately go arrange this.”

Yuan Jianze nodded his head, then said: “ A few days ago, I let you contact the neighboring brother cities, did you made any contact?”

Old Wu said, “One contact was made. It was from Cang City to our north. However, now the main issue is that the force in charge of there isn’t the army, but the government. Two days after the arrival of the apocalypse, the government relied on the weapons of the police and armed police force to reach the main city. Merely, what they say in their post wasn’t very good. Apparently, they aren’t seeking for help from outside or have the meaning of waiting for orders from the higher-ups, it’s more like they were trying to gather allies.”

Yuan Jianze ruthlessly said, “These bastards. As expected, times of chao really does give birth to disloyalty.”

Old Wu hesitated for moment before saying, “Now messages from the capital have been posted in the pub, asking for all the government and military personnel of each region that won the main city to report their situation. How should we report to them?”

Yuan Jianze didn’t immediately give a reply, after thinking for a bit, he said, “Tell the truth, we have nothing to be ashamed of here.”

Old Wu immediately nodded, and then with Yuan Jianze discussed about a few other matters concerning the development of the main city. After finishing up, he left the room.

After old Wu left, Yuan Jianze stood up and walked to the window. Looking at the distant light screen and the stretch of ruins outside, only he knew that his inner mood wasn’t as calm as his outer appearance.


Cheng Yang didn’t know about the main city’s current plight of water. He also didn’t know that the main city forces had been aware of the existence of the four external channels.

However, these weren’t of particularly important to Cheng Yang. He would not be kind enough to tell Yuan Jianze that the river water was drinkable, nor would he prevent Yuan Jianze from exploring the ruins of Xiangcheng City.

At the moment, the only thing Cheng Yang need from Xiangcheng City was the instance portal. As for the enchanted beasts, now whether it’s in Luo Feng Village or the two affiliated station, they were all surrounded by countless enchanted beasts. Why would he go through the trouble of running to Xiangcheng City to kill-steal monsters?

Perhaps, as long as Yuan Jianze does not threaten his forces, he was more than willing to continue this peaceful coexistence between them. This time of peace was very important to the growth of Luo Feng Village.

After Cheng Yang returned to Luo Feng Village, he immediately used 60 cubic meters of wood to build a level 3 residence.

Today, Luo Feng Village’s wood harvest was also very large, a full 1,500 cubic meters. The amount of stone was slightly less, but it has also achieved 500 cubic meters. With so many raw materials, he could build a few buildings.



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