Doom Lord Chapter 112

Doom Lord

Chapter 112- Nirvana God Stone

It’s important to know that at the start of the battle, Cheng Yang had blessed himself with ice shield, as well as the the priest’s divine protection skill. Even though effect of this skill was miniscule on Cheng Yang, it was perfect for Liu Xiyue to raise the skill proficiency.

Even so, Cheng Yang’s defense was raised to 15 points. For this Whitehead Eagle to cause Cheng Yang such a huge damage, its attack power was definitely no less than 40 points.

This was consistent with his speculation. This animal was not a first late-order monster, it certainly has reached first peak-order.  

Cheng Yang didn’t had time to ponder over this matter, after slipping away from the Whitehead Eagle’s claws, he immediately shot out another ice puck. This time, the Whitehead Eagle leader wasn’t so lucky, as the ice puck had instantly emptied its health value. Its huge double beaks that was ready to snap at him began to feebly closed, and then its entire body slowly collapsed to the ground. It became a giant corpse.

Cheng Yang has also killed first peak-order enchanted beast before, but that was a rodent-type enchanted beast. It wasn’t on par with the Whitehead Eagle’s leader before him. It could be said that this Whitehead Eagle’s leader was truly the representation of what a monster was like at the peak of the first peak-order.

There was no doubt to Cheng Yang’s strength. At this moment, Cheng Yang’s strength was indeed perverted. Who allowed him have all these abnormal equipment?

In fact, at the beginning of the apocalypse, the progress of mankind and enchanted beast evolution were similar. Moreover, after professions wore equipment, it was very simple for them to take out enchanted beasts at the same rank. But after reaching the rank of scholar(second-order), unlike first-order, the doubling of attributes in each rise in minor order stopped.  

Under such circumstances, for mankind to bridge the gap with the enchanted beasts, the only way was to rely on equipment, potions, as well as cooperation with other team members. As for skills, professions does indeed has some very powerful skill, but after reaching second-order, the enchanted beasts would also opened their own skill tree; and perhaps even some skills would be more perverted than the majority of ones the profession possessed.

In other words, the state of which the world was at right now wasn’t truly regarded as a apocalypse. It was merely a chance for mankind to adapt, a chance to learn fighting techniques, and a chance to mature. Wait until monsters reached the scholar rank, that would be when the true face of the apocalypse would be on full display.

Furthermore, enchanted beasts would possessed primary intelligence starting from the second-order. They would know how to hide, move from place to place, launch surprise attacks, and even take the initiative to attack. These behaviors weren’t simply normal animal’s nature, as some might even developed a complete set of strategies.

In the battle that caused Cheng Yang’s death, there were countless enchanted beasts sieging on Luo Feng village. Eventually, he died from a scratch to the head by an enchanted bird’s claws before the battle had even reached the halfway mark. Cheng Yang dare vouched that on the claws that scratched him definitely had the characteristic of piercing. Otherwise, there was no way he would’ve died from simply a move.

Even though Cheng Yang had just killed this first peak-order Whitehead Eagle leader, he didn’t feel any joy. Compared to the battles that would appear later on, this battle was no doubt negligible.

Although the Whitehead Eagle leader was dead, the battle wasn’t over yet. Countless bald eagles were still frantically rushing down from the sky, hoping to tear to shreds Cheng Yang and the others.

Cheng Yang’s group of three didn’t dare relax, as they successfully impeded the enchanted beasts’ dive in an orderly counterattack. Don’t look down on them. Even though they have only three people, but their combat effectiveness was extremely powerful. Cheng Yang and Liu Xiyue both have the ability to spike monsters in the first medium-order, and while Yu Kai merely have the strength to spike those in the first early-order, his attack speed were twice that of Liu Xiyue. As a result, the combat effectiveness of the two was somewhat similar.

Because Cheng Yang was blocking the front, he alone suffered from all the Whitehead Eagles’ attack. Fortunately, his abnormal 15 points of defense wasn’t something the Whitehead Eagles could break through. Even those sub-leaders in the first medium-order could only occasionally make Cheng Yang lose some health.

A few minutes later, the 200 Whitehead Eagles that once proudly soared above the sky has now turned in lifeless corpses on the ground. The black and white feathers which used to be so beautiful, now he couldn’t see any signs of its former aesthetic beauty.

“These monsters haven’t seen what a true metamorphosis is like!” Yu Kai exited the cliff and kicked the corpse of an enchanted bird in front of him all while bragging.

Cheng Yang ridiculed, “You must’ve forgotten that pain on your back. Who was it that was almost caught by a Whitehead Eagle and carry off into the sky? Hmmmm?”

Yu Kai embarrassedly smile, “That was definitely an accident…….Ahem Ahem..Lord, shall we go find the treasure now?”

Cheng Yang didn’t reject him. Although the ground laid a large pile of Whitehead Eagles’ corpse and a corpse of a first peak-order Whitehead Eagle’s leader, but since the monsters in the wild doesn’t burst out equipment, Cheng Yang could only leave them here.

On the way up, Cheng Yang and the rest saw the biggest bird excrements known to man. One bird excrement was almost as big as cow dung. This was certainly the Whitehead Eagle’s leader’s poop. The rest of the Whitehead Eagles’s excrements were smaller, but it was still comparable to medium-sized mammals.

They eventually climbed to the top, Yu Kai pointed to the tallest tree in the middle and said, “Lord, the treasure is in that tree.”

Cheng Yang stared at it for a long moment. If he wasn’t mistaken, this bird’s nest should belong to the Whitehead Eagle’s leader, so it was highly like that the treasure was in it.  

“I’ll go up and take a look. Wait here.” After saying that, Cheng Yang proceeded to roll up his magic robe, before slowly climbing up towards the top of the tree.

This tree has a size that would take four people jointly holding hands to encircle. Merely, there were also a lot of hard and strong barks covering it. Cheng Yang used these barks to easily climb up the tree.

Two to three minutes later, Cheng Yang arrived at the bottom part of the bird’s nest. He then went to grab ahold of a tree branch, and with it propelled himself up from the side. Fortunately, Cheng Yang’s strength wasn’t like it was before the apocalypse, otherwise it would’ve been really impossible to complete this difficult action.

After climbing in the nest, Cheng Yang finally saw the treasure Yu Kai had seen from afar.  

This was an item Cheng Yang was sure he had never seen before, it was floating in the middle of the nest, shining red light in the scorching sun like a bright ruby.

Cheng Yang saw and heard of plenty of treasures, but an item that could actually be suspended in mid-air was completely beyond Cheng Yang’s imagination. Coupled with it being an item guarded by the first peak-order Whitehead Eagle’s leader, Cheng Yang was convinced the item would certainly be a rare treasure.

Currently, Cheng Yang was standing at the edge of the bird’s nest. He suddenly leaped up and picked the floating ruby stone down from its position five meters above the air. The moment the item was in his hand, Cheng Yang could feel the surging energy from within it.

As he looked at the property, Cheng Yang directly ignored the nonsense in the first half of the description and focus on a single line in the latter portion. Increase in daily cultivation time!

In his first life, Cheng Yang had never heard of a treasure that could increase the duration of cultivation. It was apparent to anyone that increasing cultivation time was something that defy the heaven. Imagine, with Cheng Yang’s current pace of cultivation, an increase of two hours of extra cultivation time was equivalent to promoting his cultivation speed once more by four to five times. The 40 days it would take him to advance to scholar rank, perhaps now it would only take him less than 30 days.

Of course, adding an extra two hours of cultivation time would also requires him to lose something, For example, every day he would spent two hours less to earn power value, and the amount of power value consumed on cultivation every day would increased by 50%.

But this wasn’t an issue at all compared with benefits of raising the cultivation speed. Cheng Yang was looking forward to how many hours the stone would increase when it upgrade.

However, after checking the Nirvana God Stone’s upgrade condition, Cheng Yang abandoned the the notion of upgrading the stone anytime soon. First, forget about the 1 drop of phoenix blood, just the 1 million points of power value was enough to scare him.

But the value of this stone wasn’t only to allow an increase of two hours of cultivation time to Cheng Yang, it work on the entire residence. To Cheng Yang’s understanding, whether it was a level 3 residence or a level 1 residence, both could accommodate the cultivation of 5 people at once.

If the residence runs efficiently, it was possible to make 4 waves of people enjoy 6 hours of cultivation each day. This advantage was clear as day.

However, the level 3 residence to some extent was his own private residence. If a lot of people take turns using it to cultivate, it would undoubtedly bring a certain degree of distress to his daily lifestyle. Even though the time he currently spent in the residence was short, this situation would somewhat change in the future. Wouldn’t it be a joke if the lord doesn’t has his own private space to himself?

Cheng Yang’s tentative plan was to build another level 3 residence, and then place this Nirvana God Stone in that residence. Afterwards, he would also carried out his own cultivation there. This was also the best method to maximize the capacity and allow more people to cultivate.

In any case, a residence doesn’t require much materials, Cheng Yang could completely bear this cost.

After placing this Nirvana God Stone inside the storage ring, Cheng Yang crawled his way back down from the tree. Even though this acquisition couldn’t directly enhance their combat effectiveness, but its role was far greater than any equipment could compared.

“Lord, what’s the treasure?” Yu Kai asked with eyes filled with anticipation.

Cheng Yang didn’t tried to hide it, he directly took out the Nirvana God Stone out and threw it to Yu Kai.

Yu Kai, after reading the property, had a look of surprise, he exclaimed, “Wow, this is an awesome item. This won’t do. I decided that from now on, I won’t be staying in Dongshan Village. Every day, I must return to Luo Feng Village to do my cultivation.”

Cheng Yang smiled and said, “That’s up to you. Anyway, when I get back, I will make a residence dedicated just for this cultivation. Every day has 20 quotas, do as you see fit.”  

Yu Kai nervously said, “20 quotas? It’s so little. Lord, you will take up a spot, and I guess Liu beauty will also occupy a spot. So that leaves only 18 places left. How will they be divided? Lord, how about you bend the regulations a little and show some considerations for us Fox Hunt Army? Wasn’t this Nirvana God Stone also discovered by us?”

Looking at Yu Kai’s face filled with flattery, Cheng Yang could only helplessly said, “Let’s return and talk more about it. In any case, the rewards are unavoidable. After we return, we will sort out the details with the contribution value, and this time your Fox Hunt Army will also get part of the merit.”  



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