Doom Lord Chapter 11

Doom Lord

Chapter 11- Test

After killing several waves of enchanted beasts the enchanted beasts stopped appearing. They waited for a minute, but still, no monsters came out.

Had the enchanted beasts stopped respawning? That shouldn’t have been happening right now. Cheng Yang knew, once the enchanted beasts appeared, they would never stop respawning, including near the city. If an enchanted beast was killed, in a short time it would respawn again in a nearby location. If the enchanted beast wasn’t killed, after a while, another enchanted beast would spawn, the spawn time would just be a bit longer.

“Everyone, sit down and recover!” Cheng Yang shouted. He felt something was off…

They sat down for less than 20 seconds before flashes of bright lights appeared at the East and West gate. The lights were brighter than those of the previous enchanted beasts’ lights that they saw before they appeared. At the same time, the other two gates also had some flashes of light, but it was a bit dimmer than the East and West gate.

Cheng Yang’s facial expression changed, clearly the lights were a sign that a more powerful enchanted beast appeared, it should have been around the first medium-order. How could a medium-order monster appear at this time though? It should have been half a month before the first medium-order enchanted beast spawned, how could this be happening right now?

Suddenly, Cheng Yang came up with an idea. Before, when he occupied Luo Feng station there was supposed to be a test, but at the time there wasn’t any enchanted beasts so the test couldn’t be taken place. Now, out of nowhere, there were two enchanted beasts of the first medium-order. This was most likely the test prepared for the occupation of the altar.

Of course, this was just a guess. More importantly, Cheng Yang needed to think of a way to overcome the current crisis fast. If they failed the test, the enchanted beasts would occupy the station, and then they would lose their occupations. In the worst case, they would be killed afterward.

Cheng Yang quickly processed his thoughts for the best solution available. He immediately dashed toward the East Gate, a distance of 80 meters took only four to five seconds to reach with his speed.

When he reached the East gate, the white light had faded and a Green Anorak that was ⅔ larger than normal appeared, it started dashing toward the gate very fast, its speed was not slower than Chang Yang’s.

Cheng Yang quickly shouted, “You, go to support the West Gate, that monster must be pinned down!” While at the same time, he formed a Magic Missile at the end of his wand and fired it toward the Green Anorak.

“BANG…!” the Green Anorak failed to avoid Cheng Yang’s attack. The Magic Missile hit it right in the abdomen, letting it instantly feel an intense pain.

Yu Kai had some slight hesitation but immediately rushed over to the West Gate with seven other people. Right now they didn’t have much of a choice, because they didn’t know what the current situation was. Other than listening to Cheng Yang’s instructions, they didn’t know what else to do.

Cheng Yang released another Magic Missile hitting the Green Anorak’s head. The enchanted beast released a piercing cry. Perhaps, due to the restrictions of the world’s rules, this lethal blow to the head couldn’t kill the monster, only making its head bloody. Also, none of its movement had been impaired either.

Looking at this Green Anorak’s speed, it should have been a first medium-order enchanted beast, but Cheng Yang didn’t have any inspection skills, so he wasn’t entirely sure. Enchanted beasts and humans had some differences; for enchanted beasts their stats aren’t fixed. They could be slow, but to compensate, had high health and physical attack.

Seeing the Green Anorak was only 10 meters away from the East Gate, Cheng Yang without hesitation, rushed out of the gate’s entrance.

Twice Cheng Yang’s Magic Missile had hit the Green Anorak making it form a deep hatred for him. So after seeing Cheng Yang rushing out and fleeing toward another direction, instead of continuing going toward the station, it went toward the direction of Cheng Yang.

Being in such a fight, Cheng Yang couldn’t count how many similar experiences he had before. While he continued running the Green Anorak chased him from behind. Cheng Yang’s distance from the Green Anorak gradually increased from it.

“SOU…! BANG…!” a Magic Missile was released and hit the Green Anorak, It let out a scream from behind him.

According to Cheng Yang’s estimation, his three Magic Missile’s had damaged around 28 hit points of the Green Anorak, which was about half the life of this first medium-order enchanted beast. His mana had only been consumed by one-fourth, if there weren’t any mishaps, the fight would be his overwhelmingly.

Cheng Yang knew his strength; with the station’s 10% bonus to movement speed the Green Anorak shouldn’t have been able to catch up to him. If they were both at the same speed, he wouldn’t even have a chance to shoot off a Magic Missile, let alone win.

Two minutes later, Cheng Yang shot off his eighth Magic Missile; there was no suspense as it hit the Green Anorak.

The Green Anorak couldn’t keep going; it released a miserable howl and fell to the ground, never to breathe again. Meanwhile, a large number of small lights emitted from the Green Anorak, integrating into Cheng Yang’s body.

He gained four power values from the lights, which was the equivalent of killing four low-order Green Anoraks. For the majority of new transfers, they preferred to kill ordinary low-order Green Anoraks, rather than fighting the higher order enchanted beasts.

As Cheng Yang finished his side of the fight, the fighting at the West gate was very tragic.

When he got to the West Gate one human transfer was already dead, it was one of the workers’ driver. He could be seen skewered on the end of the medium-order Green Anorak’s pitchfork. The enchanted beast had about 10 physical attack; it only needed to land three strikes to kill a new human transfer. The large Green Anorak had almost double the movement and attack speed of the rest of the group, being able to have only one person die under the Green Anorak’s pitchfork could be considered a good result.

Cheng Yang was satisfied, although the large Green Anorak had killed four people, the 17 people surrounding it didn’t lose confidence. The Warriors had formed a circle, with the Green Anorak tightly surrounded in the middle. After a person had been hit away, another person quickly filled the gap. The Archer and Magician transfers dared not to attack at this time, in case of attracting the Green Anorak’s rage.

But even so, they had only an hour’s worth of fighting experience. The Warrior’s shield had no special effects, but as long as they could block the enchanted beasts attack with it, the person holding the shield wouldn’t be inflicted with any injuries. If the enemy were too powerful, as in this case, the impact of the hit would cause the warrior to be blown back and experience momentary stiffness. In a one-on-one situation, this flaw would be fatal for Warriors.

Thankfully, this was not that kind of situation.

But, even with Yu Kai’s group cooperating with one another, almost all of them had injuries still.

Cheng Yang didn’t stop to restore his mana, rushing straight toward the other side of the battlefield. After reaching the West Gate he immediately raised his wand, a Magic Missile instantly shot out.

Cheng Yang’s attack had twice the damage that anyone else could produce, but after taking into account the large Green Anorak’s tough defense, the damage that could be caused by Cheng Yang would probably be three times as much as anyone else. After the Magic Missile hit, he immediately caught the Green Anorak’s attention and rage, a pair of dark eyes quickly fixing in on him.

“Get out of the way!” Cheng Yang shouted from the back as a Magic Missile was released.

The group had a moment of indecisiveness; they didn’t understand the meaning of Cheng Yang words. When they saw the Green Anorak rushing toward Cheng Yang however, they reacted immediately.

The two Warriors that were standing in front of the large Green Anorak moved out of the way, Cheng Yang immediately launched out a Magic Missile, hitting the Green Anorak’s chest. The Magic Missile increased the hatred that the Green Anorak had built toward Cheng Yang; it wanted to rip him up into tiny little pieces.

After successfully getting the enchanted beast’s attention, he rapidly retreated.

The remaining Archers and Mages weren’t fools, they quickly sent a variety of attacks to rain on the charging Green Anorak. Although their damage and attack speed were much lower than Cheng Yang, they won in numbers!

Before, they were afraid of attracting the Green Anorak’s rage, so they didn’t freely launch attacks. Now with the arrival of Cheng Yang, he was firmly holding the Green Anorak’s attention; they didn’t have anything to worry about.

Thus, the rate of damage instantly increased, causing the following fight to have no suspense. After just 10 seconds, Cheng Yang killed this big Green Anorak.

While Cheng Yang was killing the two large Green Anorak, the two other gates spawned a few low-order enchanted beasts, but the other groups quickly killed them.

After the two large Green Anorak’s died, several low-order enchanted beasts appeared one after another. Cheng Yang and the others decided to just earn more power value, since they couldn’t pose a threat to Cheng Yang and the rest of the group.

A few minutes later, Cheng Yang felt an instant contact with the land. He felt that he could control everything within a one-kilometer radius, and at the center of this was the altar.

This feeling was very strange to Cheng Yang.  But he knew that he had become the official Lord of Luo Feng Station, giving him perfect control over the entire territory.

Without hesitation Cheng Yang chose to close the four gates, so that the enchanted beasts outside wouldn’t be able to come in. In fact, even without closing the gates, Cheng Yang and all the other groups would be able to defend the four gates. But if another medium-order enchanted beast appeared, it would be dangerous. Cheng Yang also had other things to do.

Cheng Yang, seeing that the crisis had passed, once again ordered, “All long-ranged transfers, to the walls, and begin attacking the enchanted beasts outside. The rest of the Warriors will move all the timber scattered around near the altar. Afterwards, have the two men that were killed underneath the logs and those that were killed by Green Anorak buried.”

After the battle, Cheng Yang’s prestige had reached a high point. A group of 20 people failed to take down an enchanted beast of the medium-order, but Cheng Yang easily killed one his own, and another mostly by himself.

They all decided to listen to Cheng Yang’s orders without any objection. Even if they had any questions, they would wait until after things had calmed down before asking.

The only thing that suppressed the happiness of everyone was that their companions had died. This was different from the two men that got crushed by the logs. The others had died fighting next to them in their group, producing a strong sense of camaraderie.



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  1. Bob

    Not a bad story so far, but I really hate in these kinds of stories when authors stick strictly to old-school video game hp. It’s one thing to have ‘stats’ like strength and agility. You can easily say that there is some sort of field or magic multiplying the output of a person’s body because… magic. But what sense does HP make, and what value does such a system add to the story? As can be seen in this chapter, it makes combat incredibly dull – they didn’t do MMOs like that because it has merit, but because they were trying to save anywhere they could on processing power and bandwidth. It’s just – he shot him – he shot him again – he shot him again. It doesn’t matter where he shoots, if it’s a glancing blow or dead center, if it’s in a critical location like the head, because it’s all based on the oldest style of HP systems.

    It’s not as bad when authors at least allow for critical hits if you hit the vitals, crippling if you do enough damage to the limbs, etc. I mean it still sucks (if you’re going for an HP system, it should represent something that makes sense like blood loss and cell oxygenation). Honestly I haven’t seen many authors do this kind of straight-up flat system with each player just having one hit-box, because it’s such a transparently bad idea for a story.

    Sorry if I’m ranting, I really appreciate the work of the translator but the author made a terrible choice here. How is it so difficult to pick out the parts of ‘game elements’ that are good and make things more exciting without bringing along all the horrible old-school game systems that only ever existed because of the limits of technology? Next thing you know one of these stories will add lag for authenticity, or will make attacks work by selecting a person to hit and an action and your body moving on its own (I think I’ve actually seen that a few times, and it was retarded), or have the world split into instances which only a handful of people can join once the game element apocalypse occurs.

  2. jacobpaige

    Why didn’t he just close the gate and shoot it from the wall? It’s not like he needed the combat experience like the others did, and kiting it around the area outside the wall risked involving new monsters and creating a train he’d have had no hope of killing off. Not to mention that it probably took longer and contributed to the deaths suffered by the other team.

    How did it go from having killed one Warrior to having killed four people?


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