Doom Lord Chapter 109

Doom Lord

Chapter 109- Wait

After sending Yu Kai away, Cheng Yang then began arranging matters for the village.

Originally, he was going to go help Luo Hao find the instance portal today, but now it seems the matter could only be temporarily postponed for the time being. He just hope that Liu Hao has better lucky today, and was able to find the instance portal on his own.

Besides, it was also of great important to ensure the security of the Undead Canyon’s entrance. Not many people were capable of doing this task, therefore as long as the individual was clear-headed and agile, a single person was enough for the job.

Luckily, speed was the embodiment of Luo Feng village. After all, the village’s 20% speed bonus wasn’t just for show. But in such a group of people, there would also be more prominent person that stands out in terms of speed.

Leaving Cheng Yang aside, the fastest person in Luo Feng Village at the moment was undoubtedly Liu Hao. This fellow has a pair of bronze boots that adds on 2 points to movement speed, and coupled with his own level reaching high-order apprentice, along with the territory’s speed bonus, his current speed has reached as high as 5.8. If he ran all out, he would swiftly leave all the first early-order apprentices chasing behind him far away, taking away their qualification to even eat the dust behind his back.

However, Liu Hao was one of the few experts in Luo Feng Village, so obviously he couldn’t be the one pick to keep watch over the entrance of the Undead Canyon. Cheng Yang had to elect someone else.

He had to admit that the Baiyun district has quite a lot of talent. Of course, this was also thanks to Luo Feng Village for having the first batch of people to transfer to a profession.

Cheng Yang ended up selecting a member from Zhao Chuan’s Snow Leopard Army, a vice captain named Wu Kong. He was similar to his captain, Zhao Chuan, both of them were refugees that was rescued back from Huimin Town. His profession was archer. Moreover, he possessed A-class talent, with one of them increasing speed by 3%.

As of right now, Wu Kong has yet to elevate to mid-order, but he similarly has a pair of bronze boots that increase movement speed by 2 points. With it, his speed was nearly at 4. Such speed was impossible for the recruits of Xiangcheng city’s main city to match, especially with only whiteboard equipment on.

At this time, the Snow Leopard Army wasn’t in Luo Feng Village. However, after receiving Cheng Yang’s command, Wu Kong didn’t take long to arrive before him.

The people that relayed his orders were obviously the professions that were cultivating in the station at the moment. Currently, the Snow Leopard Army was rescuing people back from Xiangcheng city. The south channel wasn’t far from the village, and coupled with Wu Kong’s own speed, he soon returned.

Wu Kong was a 30 years old middle-aged man. His body was lean and slim, but he has a pair of piercing eyes that seems to be like a tiger staring its prey.

“Lord, did you call for me?” Wu Kong straightforwardly asked upon arrival. Ever since finding out his family members were killed after the apocalypse started, the air around him became a lot colder.

Cheng Yang said, “I have a task for you. You should be aware that there is a instance portal in Xiangcheng city. This instance portal is very important to us. But right now, the forces of Xiangcheng city’s main are looking for it, so in order for us to avoid being in a situation where we are passive, I need someone to go keep watch over it. As long as the forces of the main city goes near it, I need for you to come back and tell me.”  

“I understand. Lord, rest assured. As long as I, Wu Kong, am not dead, those forces of Xiangcheng city’s main city can forget slipping past my eyes.” Wu Kong bluntly stated.

Cheng Yang nodded, then said, “Your task starts now. These next few days, although you could kill the enchanted beasts in the vicinity of the instance portal, but the efficiency will no doubt be much lower. As compensation, every day you will receive 100 power values from Zhao Chuan for your cultivation.”

Actually at the current level, even with Wu Kong’s strength as a vice captain, he could only earn 100 points of power value per day. Sometimes, on a good day he could get up to 110 points. Now that Cheng Yang was giving him a subsidy of 100 points power value, he not only did not come out with a loss, but rather earned big.

When Wu Kong heard this, he didn’t show a hint of happiness.

For him, the greatest purpose in life right now was to kill the enchanted beast, and it would be more perfect if he could finally destroy the god that had caused his family to die. Of course, he also knew that this was nothing more than a hopeless dream of his. Besides this purpose, he also hoped to repay back Cheng Yang for the grace of saving his life. Thus, when he received Cheng Yang’s orders, he readily agreed.

Afterwards, Cheng Yang called Liu Xiyue, and then together with Wu Kong rush in the direction of Xiangcheng city. As for Yu Kai’s team, they had already departed.

After half an hour, Cheng Yang’s group of three finally arrive before the entrance of the Undead Canyon instance. After careful consideration, he decided it was fine to go clear the instance first.

The amount of monsters in the Undead Canyon were countless. However, the spawned monsters would appear crowded together, so the time spent clearing it was lesser than one might think. Clearing the instance wouldn’t delay them by much.

Cheng Yang enter the instance alone. By relying on the aoe of his ice thorn skill, it took him just 10 minutes to come out from inside. In addition to harvesting hundreds of power values, Cheng Yang also got a few pieces of equipment. However, these equipment were only good enough for those ordinary profession. Now members in posts such as Wu Kong could also clobbered together a set of iron-grade equipment.

Afterwards, Cheng Yang left Wu Kong here, and then continue to advance together with Liu Xiyue.  

Midway, Cheng Yang ran across Yu Kai’s team hurrying along forward. This team of seven hundred to eight hundred people was walking solemnly in the ruins. Even though he couldn’t see the front and only the rear, but it still possessed quite a momentum. Of course, if these warriors were not carrying a huge piece of wood in their hand, the momentum would be even more imposing.

Yu Kai and the others’ marching speed was undoubtedly much slower, especially since inside were a lot of ordinary people. Their strength and speed was weaker than the profession by a chip. Therefore, it was reasonable for Cheng Yang to catch up to them at this time.

Along the way, their luck was pretty good. They didn’t came into any direct contact with the forces of the main city, and by noon they were able to reach Dongshan Village.

“Lord, do you want to go to where the enchanted bird is right now? Or should we have lunch first in the village?” As soon as he entered the village, Yu Kai abruptly asked.

Cheng Yang said, “First, let’s have lunch. After finishing the meal, have everyone disperse to their various tasks, and then you, me, and Liu Xiyue will go check the flock of enchanted birds.”

“Just us three?” Yu Kai asked, slightly startled.

Cheng Yang casually said, “Obviously, it’s just us three. The others aren’t strong enough. If they are attack by the enchanted birds, it would be difficult for us to save them.”

“Oh…”  Yu Kai complied to the order, and speedily depart to fulfill it. Although there was a place in the territory to store the enchanted beast’s meat, but you need someone to roast it, right?  But such work naturally does not need the profession to complete, ordinary people were the ones that usually handle this job. In fact, it wasn’t only in Dongshan Village, but also Luo Feng Village and Xianghe Village.

After having lunch, Yu Kai couldn’t wait and kept urging Cheng Yang to set off early. They then left the village.

After continuing north for about four kilometers, Yu Kai stopped, pointing to a hill in front, he said, “Lord, the flock on enchanted birds are on that mountain top.”

Cheng Yang said with a wry smile on his face,  “Old Yu, was there nothing for you to do that you have the time to run out this far? This place is five kilometers from your station, right? You must’ve already destroyed all the enchanted in this 5 km radius.”

Yu Kai spoke with a mischievous smile on his face, “I have said earlier that I have only eliminated the enchanted beasts in the surrounding 3 km.”

“Then why did you came out this far?” Cheng Yang asked, feeling dumbfounded.

Yu Kai, “Yesterday, some people noticed a enchanted bird flying past in the sky, and since this was the first time we saw a flying monster since the start of the disaster, we were rather curious. As a result, we follow its movement back. When we were tracing it, we didn’t encounter any large group of monsters and was able to easily find this place.”

Cheng Yang looked in the distance, and sure enough he saw a bunch of small black dots constantly circling around the hill. The number was around a hundred. Of course, this was just those in the air. As for those on the mountain top, the number wasn’t known.

“It’s actually on a mountain. This could be some trouble.” Cheng Yang felt his head hurting.

The slope of the mountain had no influence on the birds, but for human, this would make their speed a lot slower. Meanwhile, on the ground were a lot of trees. They could play a certain role in hindering the enchanted birds, but it wasn’t the same situation on the mountain. On the steep slope, the trees were relatively sparse, appearing unevenly from each other. The enchanted birds could easily slip past the branches to attack the target on the ground.

“Old Yu, how high is your attack power?” Cheng Yang looked at Yu Kai and asked.

Yu Kai replied, “My attack power is at 36 points. It shouldn’t be an issue for me to spike enchanted beast in the first early-order.”

“I see. I guess this problem won’t be as hard as I thought. Cheng Yang then continued, “In a moment, we need to be very careful. No matter the type of enchanted bird, they are all very fast, especially when they are flying. Even if it’s me, at my full speed I would only equal their flying speed. Therefore, if we get trapped by these guys, forget about escaping. The only method would be to kill them all. With your defenses, it’s still not enough to resist the attacks of the enchanted birds, so after we find a safe place, just hide behind me and then work together to fight against those fellows. Is the plan clear?”

Yu Kai and Liu Xiyue nodded, then three people slowly touch their way forward.

In fact, in his past life, Cheng Yang didn’t have much experience fighting flying monsters. Apart from the final battle where he saw a large flock of enchanted birds, the rest of the time it was hard for him to even see one.

However, Cheng Yang does know the bird’s’ habits and the general way to fight them, because there were always some kind people in the forum that would released helpful guide to fight these monsters to the world.

Walking on forward, Cheng Yang’s group of three were using the shades to move ahead, while avoiding the overcast light. After all, where the sun shines, the enchanted birds’ head could also be found through those crevices. Although this chance wasn’t very high, but Cheng Yang still didn’t want to take the risk.

When Cheng Yang’s group of three reached the foot of the mountain, the sense of pressure suddenly increased because there were enchanted birds circling above from time to time. Starting from now, they would always be at risk of being discovered.

At this time, Cheng Yang’s group of three saw the figure of the enchanted birds. These monsters were a enhanced version of goshawk.

For this kind of enchanted bird, Cheng Yang had also heard in his past life. Their name was White-head Eagle. Although at the beginning of the apocalypse, they were only at first early-order, but they had a distinct advantage, which was, they evolved very fast.




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