Doom Lord Chapter 108

Doom Lord

Chapter 108- Enchanted Bird

Yu Kai was filled with expectations, he said, “Hey, that’s also good. It will be best if we take all the advanced-grade instance’s first clearance, and make the profession all around the world cry.”

Cheng Yang turned around and walked out of the pub, ignoring the guy in the back that was daydreaming.

After a while, Yu Kai came back from his fantasyland. Noticing the back of Cheng Yang walking further and further away, he immediately ran out and shouted, “Lord, wait for me!”

Yu Kai rushed up to Cheng Yang’s side and in a serious tone asked, “Lord, since Yuan Jianze had started to look for the instance, I believes it won’t be long before he find the Undead Canyon instance portal. What should we do when that happen?”

Cheng Yang smiled wryly, “What else can we do? The only thing we can do is resist by whatever means necessary. There’s no way we can just submissively hand it over to them, right?”

Yu Kai snickered, “I agree. We were the first to find this instance, so we definitely should not let others take it from us. Moreover, every day this instance can earn us a couple of good equipment. Apart from it being a far walk, it’s actually a pretty good destination. In my opinion, why don’t we just send a few people to permanent guard the instance portal. That way, as long as anyone make the decision to occupy the instance, we can eliminate him. Even if it’s not to kill, at the least they must be driven out. Lord, how do you feel about this?”

Unconsciously, Yu Kai, from a simple college student had already turned into a profession who treated slaughtering as a common occurrence. This wasn’t just a change in ability, but more so in mindset.

Regarding this, Cheng Yang was quite pleased. He made it very clear, in the apocalypse, petty kindness would only ruin oneself and sometimes, killing was also a kind of self-help.

Cheng Yang said, “This plan is no good.”

Yu Kai argued, “Well, why not? If everyone defend the instance portal, Yuan Jianze won’t have the chance to monopolize it.”

Cheng Yang retorted with multiple question, “ How do you think we should guard this instance? Will you go? Or will Liu Hao go? Also, how many people should be sent to guard it?”

A series of questions made Yu Kai unable to react. Only after a long time has passed did he figured out Cheng Yang’s intention, he embarrassedly smiled, “Ha ha, I didn’t take this into consideration. Yeah, we have too few experts. If we have 100 first medium-order apprentices in our arsenal, we can just take out half of it to easily deal with Yuan Jianze and his army.”  

Cheng Yang said, “Your idea isn’t very realistic. In order for our territory to reach 100 first medium-order apprentices, we would requires at least 10 days. But by then, Yuan Jianze would have time to find the instance portal several times over.”

After a moment of pondering, Cheng Yang said, “Now if we want to prevent Yuan Jianze and his forces from getting their hands on this instance, the only way is through sheer deterrence. We can send an agile profession to stare at the instance, and once the main city’s team draw close to the instance, he can immediately return back to notify us. I believes that with the degree of importance that is placed on this portal that when Yuan Jianze receive news about it, he will certainly rush on over. At that time, we can have a nice and proper chat with him.”

Yu Kai understood the exact meaning of Cheng Yang’s words. Anyways, if talking doesn’t work, discussing with fists was the next best thing. Regarding the upcoming confrontation with the former military force, Yu Kai wasn’t in the least bit nervous, instead he was seething with excitement.

It seems that from his viewpoint, the rise of Luo Feng Village wasn’t an issue that the forces of Xiangcheng City’s main city could stop. This mindset emerged following his stroll in the world module of the forum, deeply imprinting itself firmly into his heart. Because he discovered that compared with Luo Feng Village, the strength development of the profession around the world was way too slow.

Just thinking about this made him welled up in anticipation, Yu Kai softly said, “Lord. If Yuan Jianze doesn’t change his mind, we can just eliminate him and then send one of our people to manage his post.”

Cheng Yang looked at Yu Kai, neither disagreeing or agreeing with his advice, he lightly said, “First, we’ll need to take a look at the situation before deciding. … … Oh, by the way, why did you return back today? Did you clean up all the enchanted beast around Dongshan Village?”

Yu Kai replied with a forced smile, “Lord, you don’t really think so highly of me, right? If you’re talking about the enchanted beast that is two to three kilometers around Dongshan Village, it’s basically been swept clean by me. But as for more distant places, I still don’t know how much is left. My team now has four mid-order apprentice professions, but there is just too many enchanted beast roaming the area. Only I can use the kiting method, and even that consumes a lot of time. However, there really is a reason why I came back this time, but the incident concerning Xiangcheng City almost made me forgot about it.”

Cheng Yang said, “Huh? What’s wrong?”

Yu Kai with a mischievous smile on his face said, “When I was wiping out the enchanted beast last night, I discover a flock of enchanted beasts and they seem to be guarding something. I guess that whatever they are guarding must be a treasure.”

Cheng Yang was slightly surprised, he said, “Treasure? If it’s a treasure, why haven’t you gone to kill those enchanted beasts? With your strength as a high order archer’s apprentice, coupled with your equipment, even if that flock of enchanted beasts have a monster in the first later-order, it shouldn’t had made you flinch.”

Yu Kai said in frustration, “I also want to kill those guys, but their bones were too hard for me to bite on! There aren’t many of them, but all of them can fly. Tell me, what was I supposed to do?”

This time, Cheng Yang wasn’t slightly startled, amazed he asked, “They can fly? Are you talking about enchanted bird? “

Yu Kai said, “I don’t know what enchanted bird are, but anyway, those things are birds. Moreover, the size of those things aren’t small. The raptors we used to see on tv were practically dwarves compared to these guys.”

At this moment, Cheng Yang couldn’t help but recall the scene of the enchanted birds attacking the village during the final moment of his past life. His complexion became somewhat gloomy.

“Lord, what’s wrong? Are those monsters with wings really that tough to deal with?” Yu Kai hurried asked after noticing the changes in Cheng Yang’s complexion.

Cheng Yang recovered his emotions, he said, “No, it’s nothing. Those guys are strong, but not impossible to cope against. Compared to ordinary enchanted beast, enchanted bird has its own advantages and disadvantages. As long as we find the right approach, they will become very easy to deal with.”

At this point, Cheng Yang took a brief pause before speaking again, “Thus far, we have not seen a single enchanted bird magic bird appear, so clearly these guys are very rare. And from this, we can also tell that the thing they are guarding is very valuable. Moreover, this group of enchanted birds isn’t far from Dongshan Village. They need to be kill, otherwise it will be a calamity.”

Yu Kai asked, “Lord, are you saying these enchanted birds are likely to attack Dongshan Village?”

Cheng Yang nodded and said, “It is indeed a possibility. When they reach a certain level, attack on human field station is an inevitable matter. Moreover, it isn’t only enchanted bird, even enchanted beasts are also the case. Why else do you think we build the wall? Do you think it was to prevent the enchanted beasts respawning in the surroundings?”

Yu Kai said, “That’s….true”

Afterwards, Cheng Yang said, “In a moment, you will take your team along with you back. And when you do don’t forget to bring some people and wood with you, as your territory is soon to be upgraded to level 3.”

Yu Kai immediately said: “It’s still a bit early. There’s no issue with the buildings and profession, but the earning speed of the territory power value is too slow. The reason why the territory was able to smoothly upgrade two days ago was because of the power value that the Lord transfered over. Now this upgrade need a full 20,000 points of power value, this isn’t a small number. Haaaaahhh…”

Cheng Yang gazed at Yu Kai with disdain, “If you want me to transfer 20,000 points of power value over, just say so. Is there a need to be so secretive? You make is sound like it wasn’t me that gave you power value for the upgrade of Dongshan Village’s profession statues.”

Yu Kai embarrassedly smiled, he knew that Cheng Yang was telling the truth. These past two days, whether if it was Dongshan Village or Xianghe Village, most of power value consumed for the upgrades was provided for by Luo Feng Village.

This was also a kind of rule, as long as it belongs to the same territory, whether it’s the main station or affiliated stations, each could mutually transfer power value to one another. Normally, the lord has all the authority regarding allocation of the power value, while the affiliated station’s manager could only send the power value to the main station, but was incapable of doing the reverse.

To support the upgrade of the two affiliated stations, Cheng Yang has already transferred at least 10,000 points of power value, otherwise why else would Luo Feng Village have merely 12,000 points of territory power value at the moment.

This couldn’t be helped. Dongshan Village and Xianghe Village doesn’t has the same advantages that Luo Feng Village does. Right from the start, it has an instance portal smack dab in the middle of the territory, which was the factor in the rapid rise in Luo Feng Village’s upgrades.

From yesterday to today, the territory has rose by more than 10,000 points of territory power value, and coupled with the territory power value from yesterday, it adds up to nearly 25,000 points. This value was only enough to upgrade an affiliated station to level 3. Xianghe Village should have reached the conditions to upgrade to level 3 by now, but it still lack about 18,000 points of territory power value.

“Let’s do it like this, we’ll have your territory upgrade first. As for Xianghe Village, we’ll postpone it for a couple of days.” Cheng Yang release a sigh, “Hey, I thought I was currently rich in power value, but I never imagine that merely adding two affiliated stations would make all the accumulated power value be empty.”

Cheng Yang also has his reasons for making this arrangement, after all, Xianghe Village was relatively close to Luo Feng Village. Therefore, some shops in Xianghe Village weren’t urgently needed. As a result, even some buildings has yet to be built. On the contrary, Dongshan Village has now build the alchemy shop. As long as a pile of woods come rolling down, it would be able to meet the conditions for the level 3 upgrade.

After Yu Kai heard of Cheng Yang’s decision, he was naturally thrilled. He also knew about Dongshan Village’s present situations. If the village doesn’t form its own development system as soon as possible it would drag down the hind legs of Luo Feng Village. Although he was only the village manager in name and the one that was truly in charge of the village affairs was Liu Chengen, but Liu Chengen was also his subordinate. If Dongshan Village’s development wasn’t good, he wouldn’t have much face. Perhaps, he would also be teased at by that guy Liu Hao.



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