Doom Lord Chapter 107

Doom Lord

Chapter 107- Track

Since it was not to look for someone, it must really be to look for something. What thing was so important in Xiangcheng City that need all this fuss to search for it?

Suddenly, Cheng Yang recalled a matter. Immediately, he said to Yu Kai, “Come with me. There’s a place we need to go.”

“Where to?” Yu Kai asked.

While walking Cheng Yang casually replied, “The pub.”

After Yu Kai heard that, although he doesn’t not know what Cheng Yang wanted to do in the pub, he still followed along.

In fact, Yu Kai had long heard about the pub’s features from Cheng Yang, but he really couldn’t think of any connection of what the forum had anything to do with the action of Xiangcheng City’s army. Could it be that Yuan Jianze published a message on the forum to allow others to sent troops to Xiangcheng City? Unless Yuan Jianze’s head was kicked by donkeys, he absolutely would not do such a thing.

Cheng Yang didn’t pay attention to Yu Kai and his doubts. It took them a minute to enter the pub. After being seated, Cheng Yang spent 100 points of power value to purchase two cups of Sky Water Pure Brewed Wine.

The reason why Cheng Yang was so generous was for the purpose of having a good stroll in the forum, because 50 points of power value was the lowest consumption required to access and chat in the world module of the Region News. With Cheng Yang’s current net worth, he didn’t need to be a miser over these measly 100 power values.  

“Yangzi, here’s pretty high-tech!” Without outsiders present, Yu Kai directly called Cheng Yang by his name.

Cheng Yang smiled and said, “Yeah, this place is amazing. Sadly, the prices here isn’t something the average person can afford. I just spent 50 points of power value for each of us, and that only allow let us stay here for half an hour.”

“****! Why is it so expensive?” Yu Kai looked in all direction in amazement, “This place look like it can accommodate a thousand people simultaneously. If each person spend 50 points of power value, wouldn’t this pub’s daily earning be hundreds of thousands of power value?”

Cheng Yang said, “It won’t be so that excessive. However, wait until Luo Feng Village start flourishing, at that time a pub can still earn tens of thousands of power value. After all, this is a God opened shop. Its function couldn’t be compared to an ordinary pub, so having a higher income is understandable .. … Okay, the drinks came. You should also take a good look at the forum, perhaps you might find something unexpected.”  

Just as Cheng Yang’s voice faded, the waiter arrived with two exquisite crystal glass cups before them, and then placed a cup in front of each of them.

Yu Kai picked up the glass cup and drank a mouthful, suddenly he bitterly laughed, “Boss, this is 50 power values wine? It isn’t much different from fruit wine!”

Cheng Yang lightly took a sip and said, “If you want to stagger when killing monsters, then you can also order yourself a cup of strong liquor.”

Yu Kai smiled embarrassedly towards Cheng Yang, “It’s fine. Just forget what I said.”

Following that, both men opened their respective virtual screen and began to view the content inside. This virtual screen was very special. Only the person sitting on the seat could see the content above, which was also the main reason Cheng Yang had two cups ordered.

Cheng Yang quickly opened the world module in the Region News section. The situation in here compared to the first level “city module” was practically like night and day. If he had to describe it, then city module was lackluster and empty, while the world module was buzzing with voices.

However, now the pub in each region had just recently emerged and messages posted in the world module only appear after 3 days, which was equivalent to the information shown above was from three days ago.

The most asked question in this section was why did world had such a disaster. Apart from this were also messages that conveyed their emotions on the apocalypse. Some were excited, and some were plain pessimistic.

This was actually very normal. If before the apocalypse you were a beggar, and with the arrival of the apocalypse became a profession, then this was definitely a transformation of a crow becoming a phoenix. Not being excited would had been more odd.

For the entire world, it couldn’t rule out that some fortunate fellows were able to enter the main city’s light curtain at the start of the apocalypse, their advantages would be much larger than other people.

But relatively speaking, people that expressed negative mood on the forum were many time more than those that were thrilled. Some people would think about the end rationally and begin analyzing a solution for mankind, while there were some people who believes themselves as the savior and published fighting techniques as well as a few enchanted beast’s habits on the forum.

Cheng Yang started scrolling down the pages and after 10 minutes of searching, he finally found an important message: We found a light screen four kilometers away from the main city. After probing it, we discover this light screen is a instance transfer portal. Every entry can accommodate up to 50 people, with the strongest monster in the first late-order. Please proceed with caution if you don’t want to risk your life.  

This message was published by an American profession. Even though their language were different, but the power of God was truly amazing. Under the constraints of the rules, all the data and information that people see on the forum was displayed in the current nation’s language.

This message by itself was not particularly conspicuous because many people that see this message, their first reaction was that it was a random chance occurrence. But after this post, there were at least thirty to forty people that replied back to the thread, all saying that they had also discovered an instance portal within a five-kilometre radius of the main city, and that the circumstances inside was almost exactly the same except for minor differences.

At the moment, those that has the ability to enter the world module of the forum were all major characters from the main city. If they were unable to infer useful information for oneself, that was indeed a life lived in vain.

Cheng Yang reckoned Yuan Jianze has also been in the world module, and similarly had seen this message.

At the moment, the action of Xiangcheng city’s army was perhaps in search of the instance portal.

According to the position of the Undead Canyon instance portal, it was quite likely to soon be discovered by Yuan Jianze.

There was no doubt that with the strength of Yuan Jianze and his army, unless he was willing to pay a heavy price, it was otherwise impossible to clear this instance. After all, only 50 people could enter each time into the instance and in the face of the last wave of monster attacks, these people would definitely need to consume a large amount of potions to make it through. Moreover, casualties were inevitable.

A normal difficulty level instance was like so, let alone the hard difficulty level. Therefore, even if the army found the instance portal, nor was it possible to take the first clearance of the hard difficulty level away from Cheng Yang’s hands.

Naturally, people that would tried to snatch the first clearance away from Cheng Yang was more than just Yuan Jianze. If there were Undead Canyon instance in other main cities, then the rivals competing with Cheng Yang would also increase.

However, the reason why Cheng Yang was concerned about Yuan Jianze finding the instance was because he was worried that opposite side would give birth to the idea of occupying the instance portal. In this way, conflict between the two sides would be inevitable. When that moment comes, he would also lose the ability to develop their force in secret.  

Well, forget about it. He’ll worry about it when that moment comes. If he could not avoid them, then he would just show himself openly and hope that Yuan Jianze knew what needed to be done, otherwise he wouldn’t mind starting a massive clean-up.

After he found the content that he was looking for, Cheng Yang didn’t immediately exit, but continue to stroll on around in the forum. After all, he spent 50 points of power value for it. It shouldn’t be wasted, right?

Suddenly, Yu Kai sitting across from him looked up and said, “Yangzi, you say that every city has a pub, right?”

Cheng Yang said, “That’s right. As long as the main city was occupied by humans, the pub will will appear on the tenth day of the apocalypse.”

Yu Kai said, “Then if I made a post on the forum, will my parents also see it?”

Cheng Yang was slightly surprised for a moment, he had to admit that this was indeed a good method. There had been countless people that tried this, but as for the results, it was hard to tell. Cheng Yang said, “Theoretically, it is indeed feasible, but even in our country forum module, everyday would refresh tens of thousands of posts. If you sent out a post, it will soon be drown in a sea of messages, so there is a low chance of your parents seeing it.”

Yu Kai said, “What you said, I also know. I just saw a function on the forum a moment ago that allows you to change the post into top post. If I do so, wouldn’t the chance of my parents seeing the post greatly increase?”

Cheng Yang with a wry smile said, “Even though what you say makes sense, but there are also huge drawbacks to it. First, let’s not say that top posts would requires vast amounts of power value per day, but once you make a top post, everyone will knows that your identity is unusual. What if your parents did not have much influence in their main city? This will instead be counterproductive and catch the attention of others. If anyone of those people give birth to wicked thoughts, it might make things worse for them.”

Yu Kai didn’t think of this point, with a reminder from Cheng Yang, it suddenly made him hesitate.

“I won’t make a top post then! I will just make a normal post. There is still a chance that it might be seen by my parents.” After carefully thinking about it, Yu Kai came to such a decision.

Cheng Yang, seeing Yu Kai somewhat low spirited, consoled, “Old Yu, don’t worry about it. Uncle and aunt are nice people, and heaven helps the worthy. As long as they escape the first wave of enchanted beasts’ attack, they merely have to wait until the main city was occupied, and then the very first to get aided will be them.”

Afterwards, Yu Kai began to edit his post content that would be published, while Cheng Yang continued to browse the messages in the forum.

In order to find useful information from denses piles of posts for himself, it was no doubt a great test for his eyes. Cheng Yang had been looking for over a half an hour, and found that the information listed above was basically things he already knew. Furthermore, nothing new appears.

“Yangzi, did you find the reason for Xiangcheng city’s main city’s search yet?” When the virtual screen vanished in front of him, Yu Kai pressed down his concerns for his parent and shifted his attention to business.

Cheng Yang said, “I found it! Yuan Jianze probably already know by now the message about the instance. He did such a wide search was also for the purpose of finding that instance.”

Yu Kai had a complacent smile on his face, “This doesn’t matter. Anyway, we have already taken the first clearance of that instance’s normal difficulty level, and with their current strength it was unlikely for them to win the first clearance of the hard difficulty level. It has no impact on us at all. It’s just that…… now that Yuan Jianze knows about the instance, other main cities should also. As a result, wouldn’t the other instances’ first clearance be taken away by them soon?”

Cheng Yang rolled his eyes and said, “ That don’t need your concern. There are so many instances in the world, we can’t take the first clearance of all of them. Moreover, only the primary-grade instance is open now. Wait until the advanced-grade instances come out, these are what we should be truly fighting to win.”



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