Doom Lord Chapter 106

Doom Lord

Chapter 106- Mishap

Suddenly, something sparked off inside Lee Wanshan’s head. As if he seems to realize what Cheng Yang was going to say next, he immediately said, “Lord, are you saying outside the west channel there’s an enchanted beast with the status of Boss?”

Cheng Yang said, “I’m not sure. This is just my guess, but I’m almost positive that outside the west channel that there is no territory altar.”

“……” Lee Wanshan hesitated to speak. He doesn’t know what Cheng Yang used as a basis to make that speculation, but he decided not to ask. Since Cheng Yang didn’t take the initiative to say it, then that naturally means that there were some aspects of concerns to it.

After a brief moment of silent, Lee Wanshan said: “Lord, does that mean we can’t pass the west channel at the moment?”  

Cheng Yang said, “I didn’t say it was absolutely impassable, but the risk will be very large. Of course, if was only to kill the enchanted beast’s group on the channel, then it wouldn’t be much of an issue.”  

Lee Wanshan also knew that killing the enchanted beasts on the west channel could at best earn them an item. And its value definitely couldn’t be compared with the territory altar.

“Lord, what’s our next step? Now the development Luo Feng Village is on the right track, and with Dongshan village and Xianghe Village also in a healthy state of growth, I believe it won’t be long before you can upgrade them to level 3. At that time, our territory would have over 8,000 professions. This is a force that can not be looked down upon.” Lee Wanshan soon after asked.

Cheng Yang said, “First, we wait for the first batch of transfers to promote to first medium-order apprentice before planning our next step. For now, we will give priority to the development of the three field stations. After that, we’ll discuss the rest. If we want to occupy another field station, perhaps the only way is to travel across Xiangcheng City to the surrounding urban areas to have a chance.”

Lee Wanshan knew the surrounding environment very well, he frowned, “Lord, the nearest city to Xiangcheng city is nearly 80 km away from both sides. This distance is very far, moreover there’s nothing but wilderness separating the cities. Arriving there shouldn’t be easy, right?”

Cheng Yang said, “80 km was the prior figure. After the earthquake, many of the terrain has changed. Perhaps now, some places the distance would shirk, while other places might expand. But the journey will inevitably be difficult. However, our development speed isn’t slow so it shouldn’t be a problem for us to accomplish. If even we are unable to step across the city to occupy the stations, other forces were even more hopeless.”

With that said, Cheng Yang paused to think before inquiring, “Oh, that’s right. Old Lee, how’s the situation in the territory at the moment? Are the common people in the perimeter stable?”  

Lee Wanshan said, “It’s not bad. Everyday, our profession would bring back a lot of food. Plus, these past few days when we engage in the search and rescue operation, we had found many seasonings and food. The food was stored away by us and the seasonings were used to bake the meat. Although it’s a bit tiring to eat the same food day in and day out, but it’s much better than sleeping on an empty stomach. It’s just…..”

“Just what?” Cheng Yang immediately asked.

Lee Wanshan said, “It’s just that these past two days our people has intensified the search efforts in the Xiangcheng city like you said, but this had also increased the number of people we save back by a lot. As a result, now the total population of the territory is close to 50,000 people. Every day would consume a tremendous amount of those ingredients, and many of these things now classified as non-renewable resources. I’m afraid that it won’t be long before these things completely run out.”

Cheng Yang smiled and said, “Don’t worry about it. Now is the end, not peace and prosperity. Like you had just said, it’s better to have something to eat than to starve. I’m sure those people will adapt to this… … Of course, that doesn’t mean we can’t solve this issue. I reckon that the number of auxiliary class will increase in the near future, when that moment come the issue you just raise won’t exist anymore.”

Even though Cheng Yang wasn’t clear on all the various types of auxiliary class that would appear later on, but there was one that he does knew very well, it was farmer. Moreover, this farmer class was different from the other auxiliary classes. It doesn’t require the person to be a profession.

This was also a way out for those people that could not transfer into profession. At the same time, provide the world with the majority of the food source.

Lee Wanshan didn’t doubt Cheng Yang’s words, at once he put down the uneasy feeling in his heart.

After the two people chatted for a while, they then separated. Before leaving, Cheng Yang lend 30,000 points of power value from his account over, to allow Lee Wanshan to let a portion of the profession the chance to open up four times cultivation speed.

Currently, the rules do not limit the amount of power value transfer between profession but this would change in the future. Cheng Yang lending power value was a type of benefit to his subordinates. In addition, it was a mean to grab ahold and win the new professions’ heart.

After returning back to his courtyard, Cheng Yang began the night’s cultivation.

When morning came, Cheng Yang’s cultivation had also finished. He went to the front of the territory’s profession statues. At long last, the priest statue finally reached level 4.

Cheng Yang with a nervous frame of mind opened the priest statue’s properties panel. When he saw the transfer quota for the statue was 84 people, he was relieved.

Even if Cheng Yang wasn’t reliving the past, from the priest statue’s previous upgrades, he could also roughly inferred the priest statue’s transfer quota would doubled. At level 3, the priest statue’s transfer quota was 20 people, but because there was a statue promotion stone, the number went up to 41 people.

Since the transfer quota has now reached 84, deducting from Lee Wanshan’s talent bonus, it was just 80 people. This also proves that the statue promotion stone upgrade the statue’s underlying data. This was no doubt good news.

84 priests, even though this number was only a fraction of Luo Feng Village’s total professions, but it does played a special role, especially in times of wars. A group of priests hiding behind the warriors’ back, recovering health would dramatically soar the warrior’s durability on the battlefield, let alone the other blessings.

As opposed to other areas without priests, the advantage of Luo Feng Village was too obvious. Whether it was earning power value in the wild or confrontation between two armies, these tiny advantages adds on. Even if the territory behind them does managed to secure a priest statue, but by then it would also lagged far behind Luo Feng Village, as well as makes their fighting strength and Luo Feng Village’s fighting strength completely out of proportion.

Luo Feng Village’s very first batch of priest’s transfers was also able to upgrade the Angel Inspiration skill to level 2, increasing the blessed attack damage from the original 5% to 8%. To Cheng Yang, this level 2 Angel Inspiration invisibly add on 5 points to his attack damage, it was very op.

Previously, when Cheng Yang fight alone, he didn’t need to bring with him a priest because with his attack power, he could already spike the enchanted beasts. The added Angel Inspiration blessing didn’t matter to him. Now he has with him a full-time priest, and that was Liu Xiyue. She could attack and was also a beauty, making her the perfect candidate.

After the priest statue had upgraded, it was the same with the primary profession statues. Each attribute upgrade would requires 2,000 points of power values. However, Luo Feng Village’s priest statue has an additional attribute called Divine. Therefore, to upgrade the statue to level 5, it would need 12,000 points of power value, and a total of 18 days.

The territory’s four primary statues was still upgrading. Looking at the time, it should take until tomorrow to complete.

Soon after, Cheng Yang called Chen Yun’s group of four over, and then enter the nightmare difficulty level of the Scarlet Church instance.

10 minutes later, Cheng Yang and the other four stepped out of the instance. This time, Cheng Yang was lucky. He finally obtained an equipment that he could use. It was a silver-grade magician robe. This magician robe could be described as very extreme. It increase mana by 60 points, but no increase in defense.

But for such equipment, Cheng Yang very much welcome. Because of his high defense, he wasn’t in need of a defensive equipment. Being able to increase so many mana would greatly extend his battery life, and that was a good thing.

After he put on the equipment, Cheng Yang’s mana went up to about 370 points. Even if he does not use potions, he could with ice puck easily kill more than 70-80 first medium-order enchanted beasts.

But before Cheng Yang could have the time to be happy about his promoted strength, he saw Yu Kai briskly walking over.

“Old Yu, you came back just in time. In a bit, I was going to call the others back for a meeting.” Cheng Yang smilingly said.

Yu Kai hurriedly said, “The meeting isn’t important. There’s something I need to tell you, Lord. A moment ago, when I was returning from Dongshan Village, I bumped into a team from Xiangcheng City’s main city and judging from their formation, it should not be those loose and disorder mercenary groups. The scale of the group was nearly 1,000 people. This is not a size a mercenary team can have.”

Cheng Yang’s brow slightly twitched, he asked, “What happened after? Did they discover you?”

Yu Kai said, “I am certain they discover us. They also chase us for a bit, but our speed was a lot faster than them, so after being chased for a while we managed to shook them off.”

Cheng Yang immediately asked, “ Where did you meet each other, and where did you get rid of them?”

Yu Kai thought for a moment before saying, “ We ran into them at about one kilometer southeast of Xiangcheng City’s north channel. From there, we ran south for close to two to three kilometers before we got rid of them.”

“One kilometer!” Cheng Yang softly sighed, “These fellows are really fast. Unexpectedly, they came so near the channel.”

Yu Kai said: “I also find that very strange. These people seemed to be deliberately searching for something. They are not really killing enchanted beast, and sometime when they encounter enchanted beast’s groups, they will also choose to avoid. Moreover, after getting rid of them, we found two more teams just like this. But at that time we were very caution, so they didn’t found us.”

“Looking for something? “Cheng Yang was surprised. He naturally does not think that all these people were out carrying search and rescue operation, because the precondition for search and rescue was to kill off all the enchanted beasts. This was to let the ordinary people avoid being live targets to the enchanted beasts.



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