Doom Lord Chapter 105

Doom Lord

Chapter 105- West Channel

Cheng Yang exited the Many Vie For Supremacy section, and glanced at the World Turmoil Notice section, then he drank the glass of beer in his hand.

While walking out of the Pub, Cheng Yang had a feeling of rebirth. At this moment, he’s absolutely sure that no one in the world has the same lucky break as him.

Next, it was time to be inaugurated as a mercenary, right? Cheng Yang was quite looking forward to it.

The Mercenary Association wasn’t very far from the Pub. It was only 30 meters away. When he arrived, he discovered that it was the same as the Pub, cold and deserted.

At this time, only one person was in Mercenary Association. He was responsible for registering up the profession who want to become mercenary. In his first life, Cheng Yang was very familiar with the relevant regulations of the Mercenary Association, so Cheng Yang simply went straight to the front of the registrar and said, “Sir, please help me register. I want to become a mercenary.”

The registrar had spotted Cheng Yang when he first came in, because Cheng Yang was the first person to had enter since the Mercenary Association was created.

However, this registrar was different from the other stores’ manager. He didn’t care about Cheng Yang’s lord status and didn’t had on his face a look to please others, he said, “Yes, sir. Please pay the cost of five points of power value.”  

After Cheng Yang paid the power value, a form was handed over. The content on the form was very simple. On it was his identity, as well as his commitment to voluntarily become a mercenary and so on.

“Alright, from now on you are a mercenary.” The registrar spoke in a light tone, “Once your mercenary point reach 500 points, you can come back to me and have your mercenary rank promoted if you wish to receive higher level tasks.”

Cheng Yang nodded his understanding, and then turned to leave the Mercenary Association.

After leaving the Mercenary Association, Cheng Yang decided to bring Liu Xiyue with him once more, before the two walked out of the village.

After spending these past couple of days together, the feeling of unfamiliarity between Cheng Yang and Liu Xiyue has vanished. They also didn’t have that sort of initial awkwardness either.

At this moment, the area of Luo Feng Village’s territory has already spread to the edge of Xiangcheng city’s channel. As a result, sometimes during Cheng Yang’s night operation, he would also penetrate into Xiangcheng city.

A night of fighting soon passed, the two managed to obtain another plentiful harvest.

After returning to Luo Feng Village, Cheng Yang had Liu Xiyue sent away first, and told her to start her cultivation. For Liu Xiyue, the most important thing she could do at the moment was to enhance her strength. Of course, enhancing one’s own strength was very important for anyone, but it was even more particular for Liu Xiyue.

The first thing Cheng Yang did was took a tour of the territory. At this time, the village has finally begun to take shape, ten functional buildings revolved around the profession statues in the center, and there were three hundred residences which encircled the inner wall. It was a circle within a circle, spreading outward to form a street district.

His only regret was that there was no longer any electricity in this world. Rather, that statement was not quite right because in his past life, Cheng Yang clearly saw lightning flashing in the sky. But at this moment, electricity for human usage was indeed gone. Therefore, during the night, Luo Feng Village would become a zone of pitch darkness. Excluding the occasionally torches at every corner, other places were without any light.

Fortunately, since the apocalypse had occurred more than 10 days ago, God has still show some good-willed toward humans. Basically, there has been virtually no rain and the moon and star would shine with splendor in the evening sky, enough to also be able to slightly distinguish the road when walking at night.

Now there were many residences in Luo Feng Village, but in reality it was still not enough to meet the demand of all the profession. Fortunately, with the Barrack now opened and its capacity to accommodate 1,500 people, the pressure on Luo Feng village was greatly reduced. Basically, it would make one in every five individuals have a fixed residence.

For the people, a residence was more than just a shelter, it was a kind spiritual sustenance. Despite them only having the right to live in the residences, it was still much better than eating and sleeping outdoor.

Naturally, the village’s present conditions were incapable of meeting the needs of some family households. However, with Luo Feng Village’s development speed, he believe it won’t take long before these families were all well taken care of as well.  

Although Luo Feng Village’s profession numbered nearly 3,000 people, usually not many people stayed in the territory. Everyone was clear that with the arrival of the apocalypse, this was the golden period for enhancing one’s strength. In order to have a foothold in this new world later on, they must put in much more effort than others.

As such, in addition to the people that were cultivating, the rest were basically running around outside collecting raw materials or killing monsters to accumulate power value. It made the inner circle of Luo Feng Village looked a bit deserted.

After touring the village for a while, Cheng Yang was met with the return of Lee Wanshan and his team that came back from killing monsters. Once he saw Cheng Yang, he immediately halted his footsteps to command the vice-captain to lead the team away, while he walked toward Cheng Yang.

“Lord, how was your trip to Xianghe Village? Any harvest?” Lee Wanshan politely asked.

While walking Cheng Yang replied, “It was a total bust. We look for it all day, but we still couldn’t find the instance portal. I plan on searching for it again tomorrow and if it still can’t be found, then I can only blame it on the portal for being too well hidden.”

Lee Wanshan thought for a moment, then said, “How about we increase the staff for the search effort? With a few profession teams, wouldn’t we easily find it?”

Cheng Yang shook his head and said: “That’s not necessary. For now, no one is going to compete with us for the instance’s first clearance, so there’s no need to be anxious about it. What our professions need to put their most utmost focus on instead is killing as much enchanted beasts as they possibly could to boost their strength. In a few days, I am almost positive that the enchanted beasts around the world will go through a wave of strengthening. When that moment comes, and we don’t have a strong team of professions, perhaps we will be very passive.”  

“Another strengthening?” Lee Wanshan was alarmed by Cheng Yang’s words.

Ten days ago, the enchanted beasts had went through their evolution, which had greatly hindered the speed of Luo Feng Village’s profession land clearing and killing efficiency. If it wasn’t for the help of Cheng Yang clearing the first late-order enchanted beasts ahead of time, then even if it was the five main profession teams, they would’ve been unable to push advance forward. Although Liu Hao and Yu Kai has now advanced to first high-order apprentice, but it was after all, only the two of them. The other three team leaders were still at first medium-order apprentice. Now a normal monster group would have dozens of first medium-order enchanted beasts in it, which was too much pressure for them to handle.

Cheng Yang nodded his head and said, “This wave of strengthening won’t be aim at upgrading monsters to first late-order. Instead, it will focus on increasing the quantity of first medium-order enchanted beast. So we don’t have much time left to prepare.”

Lee Wanshan suddenly said, “Lord, the first batch of transfers should be able to reach first medium-order apprentice by tonight or tomorrow. After them would be twenty to thirty people who have been enjoying four times cultivation speed which will also upgrade soon after. However, the upgrade speed for those remaining are a lot slower. It would take them at least 10 days to advance.”

Cheng Yang asked back: “So you’re saying in three to four days each team would only have five to seven first medium-order apprentice, right?”

Lee Wanshan nodded his head and said, “That’s about right.”

Cheng Yang said, “This number is too small. Let’s do it like this. I have saved up quite a bit of power value in these last two days, it’s a surplus of about 30,000. In a moment, I will transfer a portion of this power value over to people. This will be enough to ensure that each team can have 40 people open up four times cultivation speed at the same time. Your job is to make sure that these 40 people have enough power value for their daily cultivation consumption. “

Lee Wanshan said, “That’s actually not that hard. A first low-order apprentice only consume 120 points of power value a day when opening four times cultivation speed. So as long as we control the spending and kill more monsters, the leftover amount needed won’t be much. We can also integrate the resources to allow those with relatively good talent to breakthrough first, and then provide it for the rest of the profession.”

Cheng Yang agreed, “Yeah, that method is good. Also the bank should be able to be build tomorrow. In the early stage, I’m going to lower the borrowing interest rate to the absolute minimum and control the amount that each person can borrow. Like this, it will be beneficial to the early growth of the territory.”

Lee Wanshan also approved of Cheng Yang’s plan. In the early stage, if they don’t provide power value to professions with not enough strength to ensure their cultivation, then their upgrade speed wouldn’t be fast.

Currently, Xiangcheng city’s main city was precisely in this situation. Although the quantity of successful transfer to professions were many. Moreover as time goes on, this number has already achieved a four digits increase for each day. But their upgrade speed wasn’t really high. Let alone, opening four times cultivation speed, being able to meet two times cultivation speed for two hours a day was already very difficult for them.

There was nothing that could be done about this. The size of the monster groups around Xiangcheng city wasn’t small and the first medium-order enchanted beasts within them also shouldn’t be underestimated. Especially, when Xiangcheng city’s main city don’t have any expert at hand. Therefore, in the face of a large group of enchanted beasts, they couldn’t help but be in a passive situation.

But over time, the situation in Xiangcheng city’s main would gradually change because Yuan Jianze and others would become increasingly aware the limitation of a team with no expert. These people would then make their subordinates pay a certain amount of power value to accelerate the speed of their own cultivation. It wasn’t going to take long, but soon they would also appear a batch of first-medium order apprentice expert.

The two men chatted for a while on matters pertaining to the development of the territory. Especially, regarding for the privileges concerning the contribution, but in the end, this matter couldn’t come to a final conclusion. Cheng Yang decided to wait until tomorrow to call back a few high ranking members to have a proper discussion. If this matter wasn’t resolved as soon as possible, it wouldn’t be conducive to the development of the territory.

After a long time has passed, Lee Wanshan suddenly asked, “Lord, now we opened up three of the four channels of Xiangcheng city. When is Lord ready to go through the last channel?”

Cheng Yang looked toward the front, he said, “Old Lee, what do you think these three channels we been through have in common?”

Lee Wanshan was slightly surprised by the sudden question, but he quickly recovered and replied in a not so firm tone, “What they have in common? Outside of each channel should be a territory altar, right?”

Cheng Yang said: “You only say a part of it. Right, within eight km outside these three channels is indeed a territory altar. Similarly, in the region of these three area, there weren’t many enchanted beasts that are too strong nor were there any good treasure. So far, we have not encountered any powerful treasure outside the city. Don’t you think this is suspicious?”

Lee Wanshan didn’t understand the meanings behind Cheng Yang’s words, he said: “ Isn’t that normal? Lord, you have found plenty of treasures in the wild, which also included the Guardian Temple architectural drawing. Aren’t these treasures powerful? Besides, the enchanted beast we encounter so far are powerful. The strongest also reached first late-order. Such an enchanted beast is still unbeatable to the majority of the professions.”

Cheng Yang could also understand Lee Wanshan’s viewpoint, but he felt this matter need to raise an early alarm, he said, “Old Lee, do you know what’s the situation like in the nightmare difficulty level instance?”

Lee Wanshan at a loss, he shook his head and said, ” At present, in our territory only Lord and the other four territory guards can enter and clear the nightmare difficulty level instance. Since you didn’t tell us about the things inside, naturally we don’t know. “

Cheng Yang said, “In the nightmare difficulty level instance, the ordinary monsters aren’t anything special. But for the final boss, it has the status of Boss. Which means, even though the Boss was only in the second early-order, their strong points was far more than the other enchanted beasts in the second early-order. Do you understand what I mean?”

Lee Wanshan immediately nodded and said, “I get it. You mean those Grell leaders we killed previously in the instance can’t be regarded as a Boss, right? But what relationship does that have with the west channel?”



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