Doom Lord Chapter 104

Doom Lord

Chapter 104- Pub

At the time, Cheng Yang arrived before the Trial Hall’s manager, the counterpart immediately recognized him as the lord of the village with a glance, he said respectfully, “Hello Lord, I am Pi Fan. I am this Trial Hall’s manager. Is there something I can be of help to you?”

Cheng Yang said, “Hello, Mr. Pi Fan. If I didn’t guess wrong, if I want to enter a trial instance, I can be directly transferred inside through you, right?”

“Lord is wise, that is indeed correct.” Pi Fan immediately said.

Cheng Yang nodded and said, “Since that’s the case, then where does that portal lead to?”

Pi Fan looked to the side, his face suffused with a smile, he said, “Lord, I can only describe it as Luo Feng village being too special. I didn’t think that a level 3 village would already have a space gate inside of its territory. In our world, this is very rare. In fact, the role of the Trial Hall isn’t just managing the trial instance, it also included the space gate within the territory.”

Cheng Yang could tell that the space gate coming out of Pi Fan’s mouth was actually the instance entrance portal. However, these instance entrance portals turned out to be centrally managed by the Trail Hall. This was the first time he heard about it. Furthermore, Pi Fan seemed astonished from the fact that Luo Feng Village was only a level 3 village. If he let him know that the instance portal was already there in Luo Feng Village at level 1, what kind of expression would he have made?

Of course, Cheng Yang didn’t intend to take the initiative to tell him this. He immediately asked, “Mr. Pi Fan, does that mean that any of my citizens could use this gate to be directly transported into the space of the Scarlet Church? And that this space gate is the portal to the Scarlet Church instance?”

Pi Fan nodded, but then shook his head and said, “My lord, you are right, but also wrong. You can indeed directly enter the different space of the Scarlet Church through this gate. Merely, this gate isn’t actually the exclusive space gate of the Scarlet Church, because it is responsible for all of the different space gate in the territory.”

Cheng Yang immediately understood and said, “So to speak, later on if there are other different space gate within my territory range, then doesn’t that mean I can enter it through this space gate?”

Pi Fan replied, “That’s correct. In addition, you can also manage all the different space gates here. You can give certain people permission to enter, at the same time you can also reject certain people from entering. In the event that the setting is at default, the different space gates belonging to the territory would allow permission for entry for all the territory’s professions.” [TLN: Instead of walking to all the different instance portals within the territory, you can now also enter it through the Trial Hall. Think of it as mainly to save time.]

Afterwards, Cheng Yang asked about the different methods for managing the instance portal. Then after expressing his gratitude to the other side, he walked to the front of the portal.

In accordance with the instructions from Pi Fan, Cheng Yang quickly opened the transfer gate’s management interface, and on top of it suddenly existed an option: Scarlet Church instance.

After clicking on this option, Cheng Yang immediately checked the relevant data pertaining to the instance portal.

After reading the data, Cheng Yang obtained a lot of information. For example, instance was indeed divided into grade. This grade was different from the instance level. The level limits the number of daily clearance for the instance, while the grade of the instance was based on the strength of the monsters inside. This meant under normal circumstances, the monsters inside would have a minimum strength of only first-early order.

At the moment, the Scarlet Church instance was only at level 2. In order to reach level 3, there was still a great distance away. Its upgrade progress had just passed one-tenth. Also, there was no shortcut to this upgrade, only through accumulating clearances could the upgrade be achieved.

For the time being, Cheng Yang didn’t plan on placing restriction on entering the instance. Anyway, at the moment everyone knew how challenging the hard difficulty level was, ordinary professions were simply incapable of passing it. Moreover, all of the professions in Luo Feng Village had belonged to Luo Feng Village’s army and under layer of management, they had no opportunity to secretly enter the instance without permission.

After Cheng Yang clarified the situation on the portal, he bid farewell to Pi Fan and left the Trial Hall. Although Pi Fan tried to persuade Cheng Yang to make him clear the trial instance, but ultimately he didn’t succeed. Cheng Yang knew that this trial instance’s income was very low, and that there was no reward for the first clearance, so for him this was nothing but a waste of time.

Next, Cheng Yang went to the Pub. Cheng Yang was quite looking forward to visiting this building. Of course, he didn’t want to go there to drink, rather he hoped to receive more information from the Pub.

When Cheng Yang walked in, he found the business in the pub to be very deserted. This situation was a stark contrast to the scenes in his memory. In his previous life in Luo Feng Village, people would constantly go in and out of the Pub at all time.

“Lord, welcome!” When Cheng Yang made an appearance, the waiter quickly ran over.

Cheng Yang said, “Come, get me a glass of beer.” After having said that, he then found a seat to sit down.

Cheng Yang had no special interest in wines, but if he wanted to stay here, he had to order something, whether it was wine or beer.

Soon, the beer came. Cheng Yang paid 5 points of power value for it, which was also the lowest charge price in the pub.

After making the payment, on the table where Cheng Yang was sitting at rose a virtual panel, with a style similar to those game forums before the apocalypse. Even the model for separating the topics were exactly the same.

Regarding this panel, Cheng Yang was already very familiar with how to use it.

At the moment, on the panel were altogether four topics. Topic one was called Region News. Topic two was called Many Vie For Supremacy. Topic three was called Ten Thousands Treasure Building. Finally, the last topic was called World Turmoil Notice.

In his first life, Cheng Yang could only access two of these four topics. They were respectively the Region News and the Ten Thousands Treasure Building. As for the Many Vie For Supremacy, it was said that only Lords and mercenary leaders in the main city that had reached a certain size would have permission to view and leave a message inside. And as for the World Turmoil Notice, even until Cheng Yang’s death and resurrection, nobody knows what in the hell was the content inside.

Ten Thousands Treasure Building, this topic bluntly speaking was an auction house, it was used to auction off items belonging to professions. In his first life, he had used this function. It was also very fast and convenient.

So long as the item everyone needed to auction off was posted onto the lists in the Ten Thousands Treasure Building, and was then successfully bid for by others, all they had to do was give the item to the waiter in the pub, and the other party would be able to receive this item. At the same time, their account would also increase by the appropriate power value.

This long distance delivery of goods was no doubt a great convenience, but the price was also pretty high because of the auction’s fees. The basic ratio was 10%, but the lowest charge would be at 1,000 points of power value. That meant if the price of the item they auctioned off did not exceed 10,000 points of power value, then the Pub would just charge you 1,000 power values.

What that means was, if the item weren’t valuable, then never put it on auction in the Ten Thousands Treasure Building. Otherwise, it might not even be enough to pay back the handling charge of the auction.

People had endlessly coveted the transfer ability of the Ten Thousands Treasure Building. So much that some even attempted to use this method to transport supplies. The result was that they found their ideas to be very childish, because when auctioning the items in the Thousands Treasure Building, the unit was fixed. If it were raw materials, that meant only a cubic unit was allowed per transaction. Of course, less than a cubic unit could also be auctioned, as long as anyone were willing to pay the high service fee.

Evidently, because of this restriction, people that wanted to rely on the idea of using the Ten Thousands Treasure Building to deliver the supplies were completely dashed.

As for the Region News section, it could be considered a real forum! Inside was divided into different levels. For example, Cheng Yang could then enter the module for Xiangcheng City region, which meant he could see all the information on Xiangcheng City and the surrounding area. However, at the time the module was very quiet. After all, there was only one main city in the Xiangcheng City region, while the other field stations around it had yet to be developed.

Above the city module, there were the provincial module, the country module, and the world module.

To enter the different levels of module in the forum, everyone needed to spend different levels of consumption in the Pub. For a beer worth 5 points of power value, Cheng Yang could only check the city module.

In this Region News section, people could post messages for others to see, and could also see the information that other people had posted.

However, there were certain restrictions. That was messages sent out wouldn’t be immediately posted up in real-time. There would exist a certain time interval. In his first life, some people figured out that time interval. For the city module, the time interval was 3 hours. For the provincial module, the time interval was 8 hours. For the country module, the time interval was one day. And under the world module, the time interval was three days.

Whether it was the Ten Thousands Treasure Building or the Region News, Cheng Yang didn’t have much of an expectation. What he was really curious about was the Many Vie For Supremacy section, which he had never personally seen in his first life.

Regarding the vast majority of professions in the apocalypse, their mindset was that of a person on a pilgrimage. Or rather, they attached too much importance to their Lord.* In his last life, Cheng Yang also had exactly the same feeling. [TLN: They want a strong lord, so they go around places in search of one.]

At this time, Cheng Yang with heightened mood entered the Many Vie For Supremacy section of the forum, but when he saw the empty content within the section, the tiny trace of worship within his heart instantly dissipated.

In this life, there was no need for him to worship anyone, because he was the world’s first Lord. Under the Many Vie For Supremacy section, suddenly appeared number 1. In other words, he was the only one to enter this module.



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