Doom Lord Chapter 103

Doom Lord

Chapter 103- Trial Hall

Liu Hao, this fellow was obviously not yet aware about the matter pertaining to the instance portal, as he engrossed himself in slaying the enchanted beasts.

Seeing Cheng Yang suddenly appear at his side, Liu Hao was puzzled.

However, when Cheng Yang conveyed the news about the instance portal, Liu Hao quickly became depressed, “Lord, how could you play favorite like that? You should’ve told me about this baby sooner! Being able to enter the instance one day early, isn’t that a huge advantage? Now that opportunity was wasted in vain thanks to Lord.”

Cheng Yang rolled his eyes and said, “Even if I had told you, do you have the ability to clear it? Moreover, in the instance’s first clearance, you won’t be able to escape.”

Liu Hao’s face beamed with anticipation, “That’s also true. So… are we going to clear the instance today?”

“First, we need to find it. We still don’t know which corner it is hiding at.” Cheng Yang deeply exhaled, “We’ll split up, each man responsible for a direction.”

Liu Hao immediately complied, and then walked toward Xianghe Village. Afterwards, Liu Hao took his team outside and began the search.

Cheng Yang converged with Liu Xiyue in Xianghe Village, the two then exited the village gate in the opposite direction.

He didn’t know if it were because of Liu Hao’s bad luck, or due to Xianghe Village’s fengshui being awful, but Cheng Yang and the others had spent a couple of hours searching; almost overturning everything within a five to six kilometers radius of Xianghe village, but they still had yet to find the instance portal.

This situation was very similar to the time when Cheng Yang had looked for the altar of Luo Feng Village. However, the clues pertaining to the altar was very distinct, therefore Cheng Yang was able to find it in the end. But for the instance portal, there was little to no clue at all.

When night arrived, Cheng Yang had no other choice but to helplessly return to Luo Feng Village. Today was a waste. Except for earning four to five thousand points of power value, the rest came up empty-handed.

After returning to Luo Feng Village, Cheng Yang noticed that the territory had 1,300 cubic of wood. Apparently, the professions went all out today.

Next, Cheng Yang asked about the village’s matters. As it turned out, sometime last night Niu Bing had already completed arranging for all of the professions to work in the Barrack.

For the time being, all of Luo Feng Village’s professions received the rank of private. Furthermore, it was only private first-class.

In the Task Hall, the tasks that private first-class could receive weren’t much. The tasks in the Task Hall were divided into several categories. One type of task was territorial task, while the second type of task was personal task. Territorial task was published based on the needs of the territory. The lord had the right to publish this kind of task. If the Lord didn’t take the initiative to publish the task, then the rules would according to the territory’s current needs, automatically issued the task. Personal task and territorial task were different, because personal task could only be released by the individual. So if no one released one, then there would obviously be no personal task to accept.

At the moment, the tasks in the Task Hall was undoubtedly territorial task. In addition, they were tasks automatically issued by the rules.

For the current Luo Feng Village, what it needed the most was raw materials. Therefore, basically all of the tasks was on raw materials.

What was the reward for the task? In addition to receiving military point, a certain amount of power value would also be given out. Since these tasks were issued on behalf of the territory, the power value would automatically be paid for from the territory. Even though these power values weren’t much compared to directly acquiring them, but it could increase military point after all.

What was military point? It was the only thing that was able to enhance the military rank, as well as determine the pay of the soldiers. At the same time, it could determine the level of task they could access.

Therefore, the moment the Task Hall issued a territorial task, it immediately drew a large number of soldiers to the associated tasks, and then began the acquisition of raw materials. This was the root cause of why there were so many raw materials today.

By then the rest of the buildings could be built. Apart from the residences and walls, there were only the Pub and Mercenary Association left remaining. Taking advantage of the adequate materials, Cheng Yang quickly had these buildings built up.

Most of the wood disappeared in an instance. For the remaining 500 cubic of wood, Cheng Yang used them all on constructing residences. Even though these were only level 1 residences, the cumulative consumption was very scary.

After emptying the materials, Cheng Yang viewed the territory power value. Over these past two days the growth rate of the territory power value had been impressive, reaching over 12,000 points after deducting from the statues’ upgrades. However, this power value was a far cry from the amount he needed to run a bank. He had to temporarily put the idea of building the Bank aside.

Thinking about the person in charge of the bank, Cheng Yang suddenly recalled that the last time he brought people back from Xiangcheng City. In addition to Liu Xiyue and Wang Lu, there was Zhou Jie. Liu Xiyue and Wang Lu had already transferred. As for Zhou Jie, he had forgotten all about him.

However, he reckoned Zhou Jie should’ve also already transferred at this time. At that time, he had entrusted this matter over to Lee Wanshan. Should he say that he was too preoccupied with Liu Xiyue’s impressive properties that he had neglected to inform the things about Zhou Jie? He remembered Zhou Jie’s properties very clearly. He was definitely a talent in the apocalypse.

The next thing Cheng Yang did was opening the territory’s properties panel, and sure enough Zhou Jie’s name was on the list. He immediately checked out the other side’s property.

Sure enough, it was consistent with his expectation. Zhou Jie’s talent was also extraordinary.

Even though his two talents wasn’t a special talent, but together it was definitely the making of a sniper. In the future, Luo Feng Village would have team of archers with extended attack range that would make the enemy’s magicians quaking in their boots.

For Zhou Jie, his attack range should be one meter more than anyone else right now. Never look down on this one meter, this determined that he could attack others while they couldn’t land a hit on him.

When his strength reached a certain degree, the range might even double. Although this was still very far in the future, Cheng Yang was quite looking forward to it.

Zhou Jie’s talent definitely belonged to the strategic level. At the moment, in the entire Luo Feng Village, only he and Zhao Chuan possessed this kind of talent. Because of Cheng Yang’s foresight, he was able to snatch Zhou Jie away from Xiangcheng City’s main city, otherwise out of the thousands of professions in Luo Feng Village, only Zhao Chuan would have such a talent. Thus, everyone could see the preciousness of such talent.

Zhou Jie had not been assigned to the five armies, but his cultivation didn’t fall behind. He was also opening four times cultivation speed.

He reckoned Lee Wanshan should have known that it was he that had brought Zhou Jie back to the village, and so arranged for it like this. As for where the power value came from for his consumption over these past two days of cultivation, Cheng Yang for the time being had no clue.

At this point, all the territory-related buildings had already been built. By then they only needed to be upgraded. However, with every upgrade their functions would improve till perfection.

Soon after, Cheng Yang went to the various buildings.

First, he went to the Task Hall. At this time, the Task Hall was very plain. It had an area of about 200 square meters, with several small rooms at the rear. This formed the entire Task Hall.

In the Task Hall were two holographic full-sized screens, displaying dense writing above them. Cheng Yang could even imagine the look of surprise the professions had when they first came in.

On both screens displayed tasks that could be accessed. The east screen was for territorial task, while the west was for personal task.

At the moment, only the east screen had several tasks displayed on it.

At the bottom of each screen stood a person; their duty was to release the task.


Cheng Yang had yet to become a mercenary, therefore he was unable to accept the task. So he wandered around in a circle before going back out again.

Next, Cheng Yang entered the Trial Hall. According to his memory, level 1 Trial Hall only had two trial instances for apprentice-level profession to go in. These two trial instances did not have a limit on the number of entries. So as they were professions from the territory, each person could enter once per day.

When Cheng Yang saw the scene in the Trial Hall, he had on a look of surprise. Because there wasn’t only one person managing the Trial Hall. At the same time, on the other side was a light screen similar to an instance portal.

Even though the Trial Hall was the place to enter the trial instance, but it didn’t require a portal to be transmitted into one. Anyone just needed to speak to the manager and make the selected choice, then they would be sent in. Since there was a portal before his eyes, that should mean something had changed. And most likely that change occurred because of him.



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