Doom Lord Chapter 101

Doom Lord

Chapter 101- Group Kill

Cheng Yang looked at Liu Xiyue, then turned his head around and stared at the middle-aged woman. Finally, he sighed and said, “Alright, I’ll go…… You go find a person that is comparably fast and have them guide me the way.”

The middle-aged man was the first to speak out, he immediately said, “Let me go with you. My pair of boots increase movement speed by one. Compared to the others, I can get you there twice as fast.”

Cheng Yang nodded his head and then looked toward Liu Xiyue, he said, “You will also go with me.”

“But my speed……” Although Liu Xiyue also wanted to go, but she knew that her own speed compared with the people before her eyes were the same without any advantages. Since Cheng Yang was in a rush, wouldn’t she just be dragging him down?

“I’ll carry you.” Cheng Yang continued and stated, “Here isn’t safe for you.”

Liu Xiyue originally wanted to refuse, but after hearing the latter half of Cheng Yang’s sentence, she gently nodded in agreement.

Cheng Yang squatted on the ground, Liu Xiyue showed a bit of hesitation then laid on his back. Night was the best umbrella, no one was able to notice that on Liu Xiyue’s face was a hint of red.

Actually, Cheng Yang’s heartbeat also quickened at that moment. Although he had experienced two lives, but this was the very first time he came into such close contact with girls, especially when it came to a beauty like Liu Xiyue. After all, he was merely an 18 years old boy, having attraction to the opposite sex was normal.

However, he was after all a man who had lived through a great tribulation, quite quickly he lowered his pounding heart down. Then, he followed behind the middle-aged man leading the way.

But things didn’t go as he expected. While burdened with Liu Xiyue on his back, he could feel her body floating up and down on his back as he run down the road. So much that he could even feel the two stunning elastic peaks occasionally making contact with his back. For a time, his heartbeat only became more intense.

‘****! Why am I bringing trouble to myself?’ Cheng Yang bitterly laughed, but he had to admit that he subconsciously felt that this was a pleasure. Cheng Yang hadn’t given much thought of finding a woman. It was like so in his first life, as well as in this current life.

A few days ago, before the apocalypse had begun he was just an average student, and after it occurred reason had suppressed his emotions. Because he knew that talking about burning love in the apocalypse was an absolute tragedy. Because no one knew what day they could end up dying, or what day their other half may end up getting killed by an enchanted beast.

Even with Cheng Yang’s current strength, he didn’t have a 100% certainty that he would live beyond a year, because he did not know if the world would have other variables. Some things couldn’t be predicted. Therefore, reason told him love wasn’t suited for the apocalypse. Perhaps, one day in the future he might find one or even multiple women to borne him a group of children, but in order to avoid the recurring events from happening to him in the future, he had to stay focused.

But these matters were too far away. Cheng Yang felt that he should take advantage of his year’s knowledge of rebirth to not only make himself more powerful, but also pave the way for a more stable and long-lasting future.

“Hey, what’s your name?” Cheng Yang had to rely on talking to distract his attention.

At the moment there were only three people. The middle-aged man in front naturally knew Cheng Yang was asking about him, he immediately replied back, “My name is Xiao Zheng, a profession from Xiangcheng City’s main city. Those people from a moment ago were people from our mercenary squad. It had a total of 56 members, but 11 people had sacrificed their lives in the battle we just went through.”

This Xiao Zheng was a very talkative person. Cheng Yang simply asked for his name and he spat out a bunch of words. But when it came to the last sentence, he suddenly had a sad look on his face.

“Are there a lot of mercenary squad like this in Xiangcheng City’s main city?” Cheng Yang asked, already knowing the answer to the question.

Xiao Zheng’s heart moved, he heard a different meaning from Cheng Yang’s words, he said, “Even though there’s not much, but it still adds up to twenty to thirty. Altogether the total number of people is about 2,000. The size of our squad can be considered small…… Sir, can it be that you aren’t a profession of Xiangcheng City’s main city.”

Cheng Yang didn’t feel irritated by Xiao Zheng’s curiosity, calmly he said, “You can put it that way.”

Xiao Zheng noticed that Cheng Yang didn’t want to talk about this, so he immediately switched to another topic, “Actually, the strongest force in our Xiangcheng City’s main city aren’t these mercenary squads, rather it’s the army and the four militia groups. The size of the army has reached 10,000, moreover they are all professions. Also the quantity of profession in each militia group has exceeded 2,000. When confronted with these forces, our and other mercenary squads are as tiny and weak as ants in general.”

Cheng Yang continued and asked, “Then, why don’t you join the militia or the army?”

Xiao Zheng said, “The rules of the army and militia were too strict and basically there was no room in them for individual’s freedom. Therefore, a lot of people were reluctant to join them. However, in the apocalypse it was impossible to survive with personal strength alone. As a result, people that shared a common goal gathered together and set up their own mercenary squad. Of course, the mercenary squad also had bad apples like that Scarface that was killed by you just now. They were also a mercenary squad from Xiangcheng City’s main city. Except for the fact that they actually made a hideout on the outside to do those heartless things.”

Along with the flow of Cheng Yang and Xiao Zheng’s conversation, Liu Xiyue gradually became more aware of a number of affairs in Xiangcheng City’s main city. Cheng Yang already knew about these matters, but to keep himself distracted he chose to continue with the conversation. But this had also verified many matters for him, so it could be considered a small harvest.

Several minutes later, they arrived before a ruined building. Xiao Zheng pointed at a cave a few meters in front and said, “Sir, inside that cave is the underground lot.”

Right after Xiao Zheng finished speaking, a figure in the distance could be seen desperately rushing over. But when that man saw Cheng Yang’s group of three standing at the entrance, his complexion suddenly went through huge changes.

This man was also a subordinate of Scarface. He had managed to escape in the confusion and was able to survive, but he didn’t expect to run into the barrel of a gun instead.

Regarding this type of incurable and evil bastard, Cheng Yang didn’t play around and make idle talk. He directly shot out an ice puck, harvesting the other side’s life.

Looking at Cheng Yang do such a clean kill, in Liu Xiyue’s eyes flashed through a trace of unwillingness. After all, that was a life. However, while looking at the back of Cheng Yang’s head, she didn’t say anything.

“Let’s go in!” Cheng Yang lightly said, seemingly not at all disturbed by the fact that he had just killed a person.

Xiao Zheng was momentarily distracted, but then he immediately said, “Yes, we’ll go in immediately.”

Xiao Zheng was the first to step into the cave. Cheng Yang had also put Liu Xiyue down and followed behind Xiao Zheng in.

“This group of scumbags!” Xiao Zheng came back out from the cave and said, “Sir, let your…… your companion stay outside. In here isn’t something she should see.”

Although Xiao Zheng didn’t say what was inside, but Cheng Yang could imagine what the scene was like. He immediately turned to look at Liu Xiyue.

Liu Xiyue looked at Cheng Yang and stubbornly said, “I want to go in.”

After a moment of hesitation, Cheng Yang nodded. He then turned around and went in, followed by Liu Xiyue who also entered the cave.

“Ah……” Liu Xiyue couldn’t help but utter a scream when she saw the scenes in front. For her, the scene was mind blowing. If it were before this, when Cheng Yang killed those people it made her feel that it was too cruel. But then she thought that Cheng Yang so cleanly killing those people were just too cheap for them.

What sort of scene was this? There were dozens of naked women in the underground lot. Some were tied up and some lied down on the ground. Furthermore, next to some of these women were men who continued to vent their lust on them like animal. But without exception, all of the women’s eyes were lifeless and on their body was filled with scars.

When Cheng Yang’s group of three entered, none of men who were in the midst of their enjoyment had discovered them. As for the women, even if they noticed them, they still didn’t make the slightest movement.

Suddenly, a man that was venting slowly collapsed to the ground, lying down motionless.

Beside him, another man saw this scene and couldn’t help but laugh, “Old Huang, have your past your limit?”

After laughing for a while he noticed the situation was off, because no matter how excessive the other side were, it would not appear such a situation. Did he have the wind knocked out of him?

The man was startled, he immediately separated from the women he was on and quickly squatted down to probe old Huang’s nose.

“Dead?” The man couldn’t help but exclaim with tone of deep fears.

The man in the panic looked around. He came to a conclusion that a powerful enchanted must have come inside, otherwise how else could a profession suddenly die from having sex with a women?

Although he didn’t see any enchanted beast, but he saw the figure of Cheng Yang’s group of three. For the three figures to suddenly appear in the underground lot, the man obviously didn’t think these people were there to watch their performance.

“Stop! It’s the enemy!” The man shouted. The other dozens of men finally snapped out of their lust, and then as a group of clowns flurried together, even the clothes were too late to put on.

Cheng Yang knew that the man that died a moment ago wasn’t because of the wind. Rather it was from arousing Liu Xiyue’s anger, and then becoming the first human to die under her Sacred Word skill.

“Don’t do it, just give them to me.” Cheng Yang said in a low voice.

Liu Xiyue recalled the words Cheng Yang spoke of beforehand, she couldn’t use her Sacred Word skill in front of other people. Even though the hate in her eyes had not subsided, but she still obediently nodded her head. She then turned her body around. For these people, she found them degrading even to look at.

“Kill!” Cheng Yang let out a sigh, the final verdict for the fate of these people were made.

A spell of Ice Thorn was unleashed, instantly covering the area the men gathered. Of the dozens of men, only four were still left standing, but at the moment they were completely blown away by the scene that just occurred.

In fact, it wasn’t only them, even Xiao Zheng had a look of shock. Before he had only felt that Cheng Yang was very powerful, and that he was able to spike first early-order profession. By then it appeared that Cheng Yang was much more powerful than he had imagined. Even possessing an AoE attack skill that could instantly kill more than 10 profession at once. What kind of strength was this?

At the moment Xiangcheng City’s main city had nearly 20,000 profession, but in front of people like Cheng Yang, perhaps they would also lose their lives, right? For Cheng Yang’s defenses, he had just seen. People with six to seven attack powers were simply impossible to break through his defense.

In fact, Cheng Yang didn’t intend to use the Ice Thorn skill. Especially, in front of Xiao Zheng, a profession of Xiangcheng City’s main city. To some extent, this was one of his aces. When it was suddenly unleashed, the shock effect it produced was definitely a lot compared to the other side that was already aware of it. But then, in order to save lives, Cheng Yang had to use the fastest speed possible to eliminate those scumbags.



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