Doom Lord Chapter 100

Doom Lord

Chapter 100- Rescuing People

“It looks like you’re very confident!” Cheng Yang coldly smiled, “If you are in such a hurry to die, then by all means begin. But if you aren’t in a rush, then let me finish this conversation first before getting back to you.”

After having said that, Cheng Yang ignored Scarface, and turned to the middle-aged woman, he asked, “Big sis, you don’t need to worry. Even if I am alone, I’ve never really taken this flock of people seriously. Tell me about the matter again in details. Where are they keeping people? And how did you know that they are keeping women captive?”

The middle-aged woman said, “It’s not too far away in front of here. It used to be an underground parking lot. When the earthquake had occurred the high-rise building collapsed but the area below it was actually retained. These people seized control of that parking lot, as a hideout where they commit all sorts of outrages. As so it happens we ran into a woman today who had escaped from that place. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be aware of this situation.”

The scar-faced man watched the calm expression on Cheng Yang’s face, and couldn’t help but feel unease. However, after hearing what the middle-aged women had said, he immediately retorted, “What nonsense are you talking about? If it weren’t for us taking pity on them, and took the time to save them from the ruins, they would’ve already starved to death. Moreover, we gave them food that we found each day, so they were grateful to us and chose to stay together with us voluntarily. What? Got a problem with that?!”

“********!” The big sis had already lost her cool, “If it were voluntary, then why was little Ling’s body covered with bruises? Don’t think those despicable activities of yours can be hidden from people. Today, even we have to risk all of our lives, we’ll also make sure to take you and this group of scumbags with us.”

“Kill me? It also depends whether you have that ability.” The scar-faced man approached them.

Then the scar-faced man raised his hands, nocking an arrow into his bow before shooting it toward the woman.

The arrow speed wasn’t something that the women could avoid, in a flash the arrow had already hit her in the stomach. Merely, the women’s remaining health wasn’t something that the scar-faced man’s arrow could completely empty, therefore this woman was fortunately still standing there.

Anger welled up from within Cheng Yang. I was still here speaking with people! How dare someone launch an arrow behind my back?

“Looks like you’re tired of living!” Immediately, Cheng Yang raised the Mithril Staff in his hand, and slowly formed an ice puck at the tip……

This was a trick for releasing magic skills. Anyone could slow down the release process, but if anyone wanted to rely on this technique to speed up the casting process, then it would be impossible because the casting speed was controlled by the rules. The speed could be slowed down, but it was actually incapable of accelerating.

When the ice puck appeared, it undoubtedly gave many people a great shock. Magicians, they had seen. But a magician that could fire ice puck, they had never heard before. By then all of a sudden one appeared in front of them, so how could they not be surprised by it?

“You…… What skill is this?” The shock on scar-faced man’s face gradually turned into panic, a fear that erupted of the unknowns. Although he felt that the ice puck could not immediately kill his small life, but he felt that this matter had begun to spiral out of his control.

Cheng Yang with a playful smile on his face said, “You have never seen such a skill? It doesn’t just look good, but it can also take the life of very important people.”

After having said that, Cheng Yang no longer had any intention of playing around and with a sudden jerk of his staff, the ice puck instantly ejected out from the staff and landed a direct hit on Scarface’s forehead.

When Scarface heard Cheng Yang’s last sentence, a trace of fear flashed on his face. He often murdered people but in fact, he had more fear of death than most people. But at the moment he didn’t have time to make any superfluous motion before the expression of fear was finally fixed on his face.

Scarface’s health was instantly emptied. The tremendous impact brought forth by the ice puck had sent him flying, dropping him a few meters away from his previous location. After dropping to the ground, a final struggle people imagined didn’t occur. He was a corpse by then.

Everyone instantly froze. They were scared stiff by the sudden death of Scarface.

They all knew that when the battle had come to a stop that Scarface had taken that time to take a bottle of health potion, so his health value was inevitable full. Although first low-order archer’s apprentice’s health was only 25 points, but when it came to being spiked by another profession, it was simply too unbelievable.

How high was the other side’s attack? At least 25 points, right? All the people at the scene came to that conjecture in their heart.

At the scene, the people were beginning to feel timid. Regarding people with the same strength as their own, even if the other side were to attack once, it was insufficient to cost them their live.

But Cheng Yang was different, he could kill anyone he wanted to kill. It just needed a thought. Others didn’t even have the opportunity to escape. Furthermore, with attacks so powerful, would the speed be weak? Although they didn’t know how powerful first medium-order apprentice really was in the end, but for how strong first medium-order enchanted beasts were, they were very clear.

“You…… You……” The middle-aged men and women were the first to recover from their stupor. Plus, their relationship with Cheng Yang was fairly friendly, so the fear in their heart was naturally much lighter. However, the shock Cheng Yang had given them was simply too strong, so they didn’t know how to interact with him.

Cheng Yang smilingly said, “Don’t be surprised. Later, you can also be this strong. Moreover, that time won’t be too long.”

It truly wouldn’t take them long, at most six months. That was all. Of course, Cheng Yang said the standard for spiking first low-order. As for achieving first peak-order, whether they could complete it in less than half a year was perhaps difficult.

After that was said and regardless of what these people were thinking, Cheng Yang turned around and looked the people remaining on the other side. Although he has yet to see the woman that the middle-aged woman was referring to, but from the behavior that the leaders from both side displayed just moments ago, he had already came to a conclusion.

“Since you have already lost your humanity, there was no need to treat you like humans!” With that said, Cheng Yang no longer retained his strength. Constantly, he released ice pucks, and regardless of the other side profession, there were all one by one spiked……

At that moment, the people on the other side also recovered from their shock. However, by then two people had already died by the hands of Cheng Yang.

“This ruthless bastard! He wants to kill all of us! Everyone attack him.” No one knew who let out the cry, but they all reacted the same. Each held up their weapon to attack Cheng Yang.

These people also knew that not going all-out at this time was basically death. In any case, since they were all going to die anyway, they might as well go down with a fight!

The warriors rushed to the forefront. They tried to use their shields to block Cheng Yang’s attack. Some even prayed, hoping that their shield could somehow limit the other side’s area of activities so as to give people in the rear more times to attack.

But after a moment, they knew how ridiculous that idea was.

Even when they raised their shield up, in front of Cheng Yang’s ice puck they simply couldn’t hold onto the shield. The shield would just directly fly out from their hands. Even the direction of the ice puck was difficult to change, as it continued on its course before hitting a profession on the chest, emptying the health value.

For this desperate acts, even if these people’s attacks couldn’t cause harm to him, Cheng Yang was still reluctant to fight them in close-range. He meant, who would be willing to let their body get hit by weapons?

Actually, it was those long-ranged attacks that were hard for Cheng Yang to avoid. Several times, Cheng Yang had been hit by a few arrows and magic missiles, but the result was he came out unharmed.

Watching as the companions who were once alongside them in committing evil acts got killed one by one while their attacks failed to break through the counterpart’s defense, the fervor in those fighting gradually diminished. How was this going all out? It was obviously a total waste of one’s life.

At this same time, the more than 30 people on the other side finally woke up to reality. Since Cheng Yang was so powerful, was there a point on continuing this farce?

Suddenly, the scene once again recovered from its initial confusion. The sounds of weapons resounded through the night sky.

“Run……!” A person shouted, completely unravelling the morale of the remnant group. Like a swarms of bee, they began running to distant places.

At this time, Cheng Yang had stopped his attacks. It wasn’t out of compassion, but because he really couldn’t distinguish the people he should be killing. After all, the two groups had mixed together, and there was no obvious sign on their clothes to tell them apart. And with it being night, it was easy for him to make a mistake.

Although there was no help from Cheng Yang, but since the Scarface’s group had lost their morale to fight back and was only concentrating on escaping from this hopeless battle, it made the battle very relaxed for the middle-aged man and his group of people.

After a few minutes, in addition to a few people that had managed to escape, all of the people of Scarface’s team were killed.

The only thing left was cleaning up the battlefield. Soon the middle-aged man came over with a few pieces of equipment and said, “Sir, this…… these are the equipment that those people had left behind, all of them have good property.”

Cheng Yang did not care about these items. At the moment, he was clearer than anyone else about any good items in Xiangcheng City’s main city. Such items in front of him were definitely ordinary goods brought from the store. These seven to eight items together wasn’t even worth 500 power values, so Cheng Yang naturally despised them.

“Keep it for yourself, these items are useless to me.” Cheng Yang indifferently said, “And it’s up to you to rescue those captive women, I won’t be going.”

With that said, Cheng Yang turned and walked toward the direction where Liu Xiyue was hiding.

He had only gone two steps when the middle-aged woman pleaded, “Sir, can you help us one more time? There should a few of their men in the parking lot, and I am worried that those that had just fled will make things disadvantageous to the captive women. If we were to charge in, I’m afraid……”

When Cheng Yang heard her voice, his footsteps came to an immediate halt. As a man who had been through the apocalypse for a year, he had seen a lot. The reason why he came out and helped these people was because he felt that Scarface and his group of people had lost their human nature and if such people were to remain in the world, they would only be a scourge.

However, he actually didn’t want to have too much of an association with this group of professions. Previously, when he rescued refugees from Xiangcheng City, it was because the refugees were easy to control. After bringing them back to Luo Feng Village, they wouldn’t be able to leave, thus ensuring Luo Feng Village hid itself through the early stage of the apocalypse. But if he were to bring Xiangcheng City’s professions back, it was hard to tell.

Therefore, after killing Scarface’s group, he chose to leave. After seeing the other side pleading him to rescue people, it made him somewhat hesitant.

“Lord, how about you help them?” He didn’t know when but Liu Xiyue had walked out from behind the broken wall and was at his rear.



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