Doom Lord Chapter 1

Doom Lord

Chapter 1- Bizarre Rebirth

Cheng Yang was stuck in a trance; he seemed to still see the enchanted birds flying through the air.

Countless human beings could be seen struggling under the enchanted beast’s claws, when all of a sudden, talons the size of a millstone clutched toward his head ….

“Where is this place?” When his line of sight became completely clear, the present scene left him stunned.

This was a classroom, a very big classroom. Within it had a occupancy of over 20 students. About half of the students had fallen asleep against their desks as their professor continued to vividly lecture from the textbook. But he didn’t seem to have notice the matter or perhaps he simply didn’t care.

“This…….this is my university classroom.” Cheng Yang began to survey his surroundings as he tried to comprehend his current situation.

Cheng Yang’s eyes flashed, revealing a deep sense of shock and pleasant surprise. The familiar scene in front of him made him realize something; this isn’t the bloody battlefield anymore, but a harmonious and peaceful classroom.

It seems the memory of that battlefield was just a dream, Cheng Yang comforted himself.

Suddenly, a creepy feeling began to slowly spread itself all throughout his body. If he recalled correctly, according to his memory, before he was ushered into the apocalypse, he was also in a peaceful environment without any signs.

If there was anything that could be considered a sign, it would be 10 minutes before the apocalypse occurs there would be fierce earthquakes. Violent earthquakes would occur cracking the ground, and the sky would fall from the heaven.

Cheng Yang suddenly reached into his pocket and took out his cell phone, then he quickly glanced at the time: 9:32 AM, April 12, 20xx.

At this moment, Cheng Yang’s forehead broke out in cold sweat, and his body began trembling slightly. Because he clearly remembered, these disasters in his memory began tomorrow at 5 PM, which means there was only a bit more than a day left.

Would the apocalypse happen again? Cheng Yang didn’t know, because he simply couldn’t tell at the moment whether those memories of his were simply a dream or a reality.

“Yangzi, what’s going on with you? “Sitting next to Cheng Yang was Liu Hao who playing a game on his cellphone. He saw Cheng Yang’s condition wasn’t right and immediately opened his mouth to ask, his fat cheeks were looking round and squishy.

Cheng Yang woke up from his stupor shocked; he looked at Liu Hao, this trusted friend of his who had abandoned an arm to save his life after the apocalypse had occurred. This person was now sitting next to him with his arm intact. At this moment, Cheng Yang’s nose suddenly somewhat became sour.

“Nothing, I was just thinking about something.” Cheng Yang replied in a low voice. Before he can determine if those memories were real or false, he didn’t intend to reveal any information.

Liu Hao gave him a skeptical look but didn’t continued questioning any further, he said, “We have a basketball game at noon, if you’re really sick, our side will be short of a person. “With that said, Liu Hao picked up his phone again and continued to play his game.

Cheng Yang’s heart jumped and the panic in his eyes started to become more and more obvious. In his memories, a day before the disaster struck at noon, he played basketball with Liu Hao. Did those scenes in his memory really all occur?

“Yangzi, are you sure you’re okay? “Liu Hao looked at his pale face, and worriedly asked, ” You didn’t get your heart broken, right? Was she in a relationship? ”

Cheng Yang shook his head again.

“Liu Hao, let’s said this morning the world turns into a game, how would that make you feel?” Cheng Yang suddenly asked.

Liu Hao once again put down the cell phone, not knowing whether to laugh or cry, he glanced at Cheng Yang and said, “You don’t need to worry so much bro, how could the world be turned into a game? ”

Cheng Yang slowly sighed and said, “I was just asking.”

Liu Hao laughed and boasted: “For us though, if this world really turned into a game, isn’t that a good thing? Killing monsters, challenging the BOSS every day, improving our strength, how awesome is that! ”

Cheng Yang from Liu Hao’s voice heard a deep longing; perhaps this was called “the ignorant is fearless”!

Next, Liu Hao started playing his game again, while Cheng Yang sank into deep thought.

According to Cheng Yang’s speculation, there was an 80% chance of the apocalypse occurring. With such a high chance of the apocalypse occurring, he now needed to make some preparation, or risk wasting the time left before the apocalypse start.

Cheng Yang’s memory of the apocalypse lasted for a whole year, right before he was killed under the claw of an enchanted beast. Although the time wasn’t long, but it was still very valuable.

From an outsider’s perspective, the Earth had become a game world, but for humans this was the harbinger of the end. After all, instead of playing the game, they were now living in it. This meant that for them, any injury would lead to pain, and if they died they wouldn’t be resurrected.

A game that wouldn’t let players resurrect after death, would that attract people to play it? Obviously not. However, this time humanity didn’t have a choice, they were forced to play it. People had to go through the transfer of various types of professions and began fighting for survival ..…

Thinking about this, Cheng Yang suddenly looked toward Liu Hao. After Liu Hao transferred to a profession he had received a good talent: Each increasing a minor order, increased movement speed and attack speed by 3%.

After the world turned into a game, humans would activate a talent when they transferred to a profession, and the talent grade was also divided. Every individual talent of 1% belonged to the worst grade known as the E-grade talent. Each additional 1% will make the talent go up a grade, but a single talent can only go up to 3%. Based on his year of knowledge, the best talent is the dual property 6%, which is S-class talent.

But this S-level talent was a waste, as it increase magic attack power and physical damage, although the sum also reached 6%, but its real value was only as powerful as the individual upgrade 3% C-grade talent. (Ex. Mage 3% magic attack and 3% physical damage would make the physical stats useless)

Like Liu Hao,  two dual 3% talents that could be used together were commonly referred to as God-level talent, it could be seen from this how Liu Hao easily became a powerful person.

In order to save Cheng Yang from an enchanted beast’s claw, Liu Hao’s arm was abruptly torn off by it. Although they were able to survive, Liu Hao’s combat strength was greatly reduced. For this matter, his heart had been filled with a deep sense of guilt.

Before the apocalypse started, he was just an ordinary student, and after it began there was no ability to fight fate. After struggling for a year, he finally died under the claws of an enchanted beast.

Although he didn’t know the reason why he was reborn, but that’s not important. What’s important is that he was back. God gave him the chance to start over again, and this time, he might be able to repay his debts to Liu Hao and increased his own strength.

Once the apocalypse occurred, everyone could be transferred to various occupations, but there was one that’s very special, it’s called the Lord. Not only were they a powerful incumbent, but they were also the master of the lives and deaths of millions of people.

He also had good talent, but wasn’t able to let his talents shine in the past because it was mainly related to the Lord and was also a B-level talent: Each lifting a minor order, enhance magic attack 1%, and let territory transfers’ cultivation speed increased by 3%.

This talent wasn’t at the top, but at the end of the world, only 10% of the world had more than B-level talent.

As far as Cheng Yang was concerned, people associated with a Lord’s talent were rare, and the maximum was just 2%, Cheng Yang could be described as an exception with 3%. But Cheng Yang dared not say this property out loud to anyone, because this property to any Lord of a territory was a big threat. Lord-grade talent in another Lord’s territory was of no value. (Only one Lord per territory)

Not wanting to have a repeat of what had already happened once, he realized that these memories of the past were his biggest ally.

Suddenly, Cheng Yang thought of one matter, as he quickly took out his mobile phone and checked the news.

“…… In a province suburb has the appearance a mysterious black stone. Experts after nearly a week of analysis still couldn’t determine the composition of the stone …… “

The news concerning the stone became the top story, within also included some pictures. The stone in the picture was almost three meters tall, cylindrical-shaped, dark gray in color, and very rough looking.

After seeing this report, Cheng Yang became excited; he was very familiar with this stone because it’s the prerequisite altar for a Lord to occupy a territory.

In the previous apocalypse, there was speculation that God didn’t change the world into a game in a single day, but after a long period of small changes. This territory altar was the best proof, as it was before the apocalypse happened when it appeared in the world.

But at the time no one knew the effects of the altar. Everyone thought of it as a natural phenomenon, and that it had some similarities with a sinkhole. The only difference was that one was concave while the other one is convex.

Only two months after the apocalypse occurred, finally someone accidentally discovered the usages of the altar. Then, that person had passed the message onto the rest of the world.

This territory altar appeared not only in the suburb, but also in the country, and even scattered around the world. Unfortunately, most of them were buried in the ground, and wasn’t found until the apocalypse came, the powerful earthquake made all the territories altars reveal their true colors.

Cheng Yang’s excitement didn’t come from this altar, but the one around Xiangcheng City. In Luo Feng Po, five km away there was also a territory altar. In the third month following the apocalypse, the military forces of the city occupied it.

It was said that before the end came this altar had been exposed partially. Some people had seen it before, but they thought it was just an ordinary stone, so they didn’t care. Later, after this territory altar was occupied, those who originally discovered it and did nothing regretted it so much their intestines turned green.

In the apocalypse, there was speculation that the territory altars could have been occupied before the disaster, but at that time no one could verify it.

Cheng Yang now had the opportunity to start over. He was determined to find Luo Feng Po territory altar and occupied it, this would be his start toward prosperity in this game world.

After class was over, he made up an excuse to separate from Liu Hao and took a taxi alone to Luo Feng Po alone.

In peacetime, a seventy dollars’ fare was enough to cause Cheng Yang distress, but now he didn’t pay it any heed. When the disaster stroke, the value of these notes of money and toilet paper were the same. Worthless.

When the taxi reached the destination, it slowly stopped by the roadside.

Xiangcheng City was surrounded by hilly terrain; Luo Feng Po was of no exception. From his memories, the environment pertaining to the aftermath of the apocalypse was entirely different from the way it was now. Cheng Yang let out a sigh. “I wonder how much movement will occur here tomorrow.” Cheng Yang muttered.



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