Doom Lord Index


[ Translated by Chibixx]

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Synopsis: The world has started doomsday. I struggled for one year before I died under an enchanted beast’s claw. Heaven has given me another chance. Back a day before the end happen. Will I be able to change my fate and of my loved ones? I will start my journey on becoming the strongest on the planet that the Gods has change into a game world.


Chapter 1- Bizzare Rebirth

Chapter 2- Occupied Station

Chapter 3- Rapid Promotion

Chapter 4-Final Preparations

Chapter 5-Disaster Strikes

Chapter 6- Rapid Relief

Chapter 7-Talent Change

Chapter 8-Occupation Transfer

Chapter 9-Management Talent

Chapter 10-Fighting

Chapter 11-Test

Chapter 12-Profession Statue

Chapter 13-Battle of Xiangcheng City

Chapter 14-Moonlit Night

Chapter 15-Instance

Chapter 16-Scarlet Church

Chapter 17-Clearance

Chapter 18-Priest Statue

Chapter 19-Going to Huimin Town

Chapter 20-Rescue

Chapter 21-Talk

Chapter 22-Gathering

Chapter 23-Confusion

Chapter 24-Title

Chapter 25-Level 2 Statues

Chapter 26-Territory Upgrade

Chapter 27-Promotion to High-Order

Chapter 28-Angel Inspiration

Chapter 29-Bloody Xiangcheng

Chapter 30-Arrangement

Chapter 31-Wolves

Chapter 32-Alone

Chapter 33-Strange People

Chapter 34-Blocked Passage

Chapter 35-Clean Up

Chapter 36-Alchemy Room

Chapter 37-Natural Medicine

Chapter 38-Having Potions Isn’t The Same

Chapter 39-Pharmaceutical

Chapter 40-Wood

Chapter 41-Departure

Chapter 42-Snake From Its Hole

Chapter 43-Bloodthirsty Jackals Beheaded

Chapter 44-Redirection

Chapter 45-Divide Into 2 Groups

Chapter 46-Into the City

Chapter 47-Fate

Chapter 48-Killing Fury

Chapter 49-Wind Shackle

Chapter 50-Plans

Chapter 51-Goals

Chapter 52-Undead Canyon

Chapter 53-Skeleton Warriors

Chapter 54-Ice Mage

Chapter 55-Ice Magic

Chapter 56-Powerful Talent

Chapter 57-Blackwater Crocodile

Chapter 58-Fierce Battle

Chapter 59-Guardian Temple

Chapter 60- Territory Guard

Chapter 61-Enlisted

Chapter 62-Situation

Chapter 63-Message

Chapter 64-Main City

Chapter 65-To No Avail

Chapter 66-God Effect’s Value

Chapter 67-Exchange

Chapter 68-Probe

Chapter 69-High Housing Price

Chapter 70-Random Gate

Chapter 71-Stone Forest

Chapter 72-Power Value Stones

Chapter 73-Narrow Victory

Chapter 74-Harvest

Chapter 75-Race Against Time

Chapter 76-Level 3 Village

Chapter 77-Contribution Value

Chapter 78-Special Talent

Chapter 79-Bank

Chapter 80.1-Massacre

Chapter 80.2-Massacre

Chapter 81-Poison Dart Frogs

Chapter 82-Second Field Station

Chapter 83.1-Xianghe Village

Chapter 83.2-Xianghe Village

Chapter 84-The Road Constructed by the Rules

Chapter 85-Storage Ring

Chapter 86-Nightmare Difficulty Level

Chapter 87-Battling Second-Order

Chapter 88-Statue Promotion Stone

Chapter 89-True Magic Potion Formula

Chapter 90-Talent Combination That Goes Against The Heaven

Chapter 91-Barrack

Chapter 92-Liu Hao’s Advancement

Chapter 93-Ice Shield

Chapter 94-Small Beastfolk Camp

Chapter 95-Division of Labor

Chapter 96-Turning Into Armies

Chapter 97-Black Tortoise Island

Chapter 98-Passing First Clearance

Chapter 99-Killing One Another

Chapter 100-Rescuing People

Chapter 101-Group Kill

Chapter 102-Leave

Chapter 103-Trial Hall

Chapter 104-Pub

Chapter 105-West Channel

Chapter 106-Mishap

Chapter 107-Track

Chapter 108-Enchanted Bird

Chapter 109-Wait

Chapter 110-Whitehead Eagle

Chapter 111-Decapitation

Chapter 112-Nirvana God Stone

Chapter 113-Yuan Jianze’s Worries