Doom Lord Chapter 6

Chapter 6- Rapid Relief




New translator. Like to play League of Legends, sleeping, and eating. Of course let’s not forget like reading Chinese Light Novels.

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    1. Chibixx Post author

      Any mistakes you see please go to the “Bugs” section and I will fix it as soon as possible.

  1. Helena

    I’m glad to have found this novel, thank you for translating! I’m a huuge fan of the survival genre, plus, the protagonist’s actions and train of thougts have a sense of reality and logic; the way he cares for his friends is rare to find in a novel (I got a tear when he mentioned his buddy’s arm! And there wasn’t anything tragedic yet!) Also, he doesn’t seem to discriminate having other people than his friends. Hope the author don’t start introducing women as weaps or just walking boobs like others novels, ’cause yes, even a feminist read this kind of novel. So, thx again for the translation!


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