Doom Lord Chapter 2

Chapter 2- Occupied Station




New translator. Like to play League of Legends, sleeping, and eating. Of course let’s not forget like reading Chinese Light Novels.

9 thoughts on “Doom Lord Chapter 2

  1. Whitejaws

    Thanks for the chap.
    I can imagine it now; Cheng Yang, king of the hill. Him Vs the world!

    Haha it would be cool if it was just him but he will probably get teammates or something.

  2. Angel

    IoI he Cheated the God !! ahahaha 😀 good move Cheng Yang!!

    if i am the MC, my next move will invite my friend to change job, if possible all the school student and powerfull future player. make his Village Become the Stongest!!

    thx for the chapter ^^

  3. Mundi

    I feel dumb asking this but can someone explain to me what “lifting a small order” means? I am so confused…

    1. Chibixx Post author

      “lifting a small order” is when he goes from first-low order to first-mid order, or from first-mid order to first-late order. Lifting a big order would be from first-low order to second-low order.

      1. Sean

        Even when you try to explain the “lifting” an “order”, it still doesn’t make much sense to me. What does lifting an order actually mean? Raising the class rank or skill rank? We need more context to figure out what this “order” thing is.

        1. Chibixx Post author

          It is their class rank. That’s why there is a “order” after every rank like first-mid “order” or first-late “order”. This is what the order is referring to. Skill rank can only be improve when the proficiency reached 100% which you can figure out as you continue to read a few more chapters. Also all of the talent/gift are related to the class rank which is why Cheng Yang say an s-rank talent are invincible in the same order unless the other person also has a s-rank talent.


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