Doom Lord Chapter 111

Chapter 111 Chapter 112 (Teaser)

Enjoy chapter. Also what other novels are you guys reading? I am currently reading these two. They are both Korean novels.

The Tutorial Is Too Hard                                  Green Skin


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New translator. Like to play League of Legends, sleeping, and eating. Of course let's not forget like reading Chinese Light Novels.

4 thoughts on “Doom Lord Chapter 111

  1. iwarnock

    Huh do they have to be korean novels? the one im following a lot is tales of the reincarnated lord but the author went on hiatus cuz govt censored him while on the deathbed lmao

    1. Chibixx Post author

      i am also reading that. Didn’t know government censored him though. It’s a great novel, got caught in the raws too.

  2. Aeovyn

    😮 I’m reading Desolate Era, Warlock of the Magus World, Swallowed Star (on Translation Nations not Qidian), Godly Model Creator, Star Rank Hunter, The Nine Cauldrons (hiatus?, no info what’s going on), Lord Xue Ying (however indefinite hiatus).


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