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New translator. Like to play League of Legends, sleeping, and eating. Of course let's not forget like reading Chinese Light Novels.

Doom Lord Chapter 86

Chapter 86 Voila, another chapter. Hope everyone enjoy it. Have like 50 chapters that’s edited that I need to look over and post up (chapter 1-50). I will make sure… Read more »


Doom Lord Chapter 85

Chapter 85 Enjoy the chapter! I was hoping C9 would have a reverse sweep, but sadly that didn’t come true! ^_^ Well, the final of na lcs was still fun… Read more »

Doom Lord Chapter 80 part 1

Chapter 80 part 1 Wanting to release this first since I am about to head off for work. Part 2 will come out later today. Sorry for the lateness ppl.


Sorry guys I been a tad busy lately. I will make sure to have the next chapter out by tomorrow, so just wait a little bit longer.