Doom Lord Chapter 73

Here is Chapter 73! My room is too cold!!! Four giant windows makes it so hard to warm the room up in this cold weather. Anyway, enjoy the chapter.

Doom Lord Chapter 69

Chapter 69. Enjoy the chapter. Sorry guys, I seem to have a very short attention span. Keep switching between translating with dramas, reading novels, and going to Youtube. ^-^

Doom Lord Chapter 68

Chapter 68. Here is another chapter. If you guys enjoy watching Korean drama I suggest watching Goblin. It’s really good.  

Doom Lord Chapter 66

Chapter 66. The weekend is here!!! Woohooo, here is a new chapter for you guys to enjoy. Hope you like it.   Sponsored Chapter: Shout out to Noah Noonan.

Doom Lord Chapter 64

Chapter 64.  Here you go. Enjoy the chapter. The image below is close to what the main city of Xiangcheng city look like.